Thursday, June 10, 2010

Torrents on Thursday is STILL raining. I sound like a broken record, I know. We had a small sun break and then it came down again. It is beginning to look like a rain forest in our town.....brilliant green foliage, warmer temperatures and rolling banks of rain clouds. Umm....I never wanted to live in the rain forest...nice place to visit but, well, you don't want to live there.

I have been up early the last few days and consequently to the barn in record time, much to the agreement of the prisoners. My dog, Georgia, is responsible....she gets up at around 4am on a regular basis......she wants outside or she wants to eat....and she has me trained to get up with her. As I said before, I am easily trained.

Grace.....well, Grace is eating like a house on fire....and then some. Her weight is looking much better, she is walking better and she actually has some spunk in her eye. She has gotten very demanding about getting scratches on her butt and about just when the food should be served. Grace is also in heat and teasing the boys unmercifully.

The manure pile is huge and hot....I must make a stab at moving it this weekend. Ryan ...where are you?!!! I hate moving the manure pile.

I have gravel being delivered tomorrow and if it is not raining I will spread it with the tractor on the roadway......we still have mud.....imagine that......with all this rain......ugh.....don't get me started again.

The hen took the "feed store" chicks just like a she is parading around two little chickens just like they were hers.....they don't know the difference and neither does she. Isn't that how adoptions should be?

If you didn't check out the new website......please is gorgeous..lots of pictures. Thank you to Katy....fabulous job.

You know I love Thoroughbreds. My favorite horse......send me a tall 17H, lanky, gelding, who is a bay and I am in heaven......(don't really send me one...we are full!).....but I mean I never get over the beauty of them.....a perfect specimen every time....and is there any other color horse than bay who is as perfect as ......well...bay? I am sure you feel that way about your own favorite color too...and perhaps you are a mare lover.....but did I mention that every horse on the farm right now is a shade of bay? (Sully is not on the farm right now, nor is he a Tb)...For a few years, every horse I owned was a bay gelding with two white friends call it Rosemary color. LOL.

The weather forecast calls for sun tomorrow. ..I can only hope....for all of our sakes....we need to dry out.....I need my freckles to come out....maybe a suntan line....heck, maybe a sunburn would be nice.

I pick up Silk on Saturday.....he stays for the summer and I think he will bunk with Grace. I am hoping they can be fast friends.....both old and sweet..too old to play chase games but maybe old enough to gum grass together.

Thank you Jamie for sending Grace's is helping her so much. I think it is what really set her appetite going......we appreciate your donation.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It doesn't belong there......pass it on.

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