Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday morning

I slept a little rain, but the morning is cloudy.......the temperature warm.
On my way to the barn, I saw a fawn, crossing the road by mother in sight......hopefully she is waiting in the field for the little one. The fawn was still polka dotted and wobbly legged.

I feed and clean, wash water tubs and fill them..I add a few extra water tubs so that a couple are shared in the bigger fields. I put fly masks on ....Beaver refuses to wear one and so after a couple of attempts....I give up. He is a Houdini. I am considering duct tape....on the fly mask......LOL>

Grace and Silk are getting along very well and their eating ability and speed is about the same, so it works to have them together, even at feeding time. As I am cleaning their loafing shed this morning, a red squirrel approaches from the treeline....and goes right to the feed tub and helps himself to the sunflower seeds while Silk is eating. Good grief.....poor Silk.....he is such a target with his food.
Hqnnah, if you are reading this......he is eating good and is settled down to a routine with us....don't worry about him and I hope you are having a great time!

We have not one, but two hens who have decided to sit on eggs. I am not getting chicks for them this time. I can only hope our new rooster is doing his "job".....and the eggs will hatch. I do, however intend to limit the number of previous counts, the banty hens will sit on 15 or 16 if you let them. Some Pony Up friends have wanted some chickens, so I don't mind a few extra..but not 15 or 16....when I left the barn, the two hens were fighting over nest boxes.

I worked on the garden for a while and played with the barn cat. The new cat must have come and eaten during the food is gone......although it could have been a raccoon or oppossum I suppose. I closed the barn up at 11 o'clock last night and didn't see anything in the barn....all was quiet.

I have to get hay today. Briann and I went to the feed store yesterday and got grain, beet pulp and rice bran. We also got a gate, but I have to take it back today......I didn't measure fault.

I spread gravel yesterday in the driveway to use up what we had left over....then Briann and I moved railroad ties (with the tractor and a chain) and made a small retaining wall below the barn. This will help with water run off.....we planted it with a few plants looks good!

I am off to finish chores and run some errands. I have my own yard to work in today and then my mother's too. Weeding and some planting.....watering......

enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Laugh it off.

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