Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday........more rain

Woke up to more rain this morning. This is beginning to sound like a Stephen King novel. "FORECAST RAIN" should be the title.....I can write the first chapter myself.

I went and fed horses, cleaned stalls, fed chickens...and then went home to meet the folks who owned the second of the two lost dogs from yesterday. I am happy to report they are both and sound.....although they had wandered quite a distance. Funny, the two dogs come from different households and didn't even know each other until they apparently met on the road. I am happy with good could have been much different as they were on a really busy road.

I will have Grace checked by the vet this week and see if maybe we can start some dental work. I really think she looks almost "normal" now....I know she feels normal and she is full of herself. She will turn around and back up to you, and I mean right against you to have her butt is cute. Funny, almost all of my horses do that.....must be something I do...? I would love to put Grace and Tarbaby on some pasture next would be good for both of them.

Tonight I was cleaning after I fed and I heard crows cawing and fussing, so I looked towards the noise and there are about four crows eating Silk's grain mixture while he stands and watches them. I go and chase them off and he goes back to eating. I tell him he should fight back, give him a pat ..move his feed pan further into his stall. The crows are mad......perched in the tree and calling me every name in the book. I should let Beaver down there...but then the crows would not be the problem...he would. He loves grain.

I clean water tubs, then decide that all horse tails all too long and I trim them to a shorter length....then while I am at it..bridle paths need clipping....... ...then my brain says...manes need to be pulled, but there is no time for that and I move on. Sweep the barn aisle, put some more stall pellets down for Tarbaby and empty the trash. it is lightly raining now.

I make a list for the week.....
call vet
order hay
get twelve more railroad ties we need more dirt?
order gravel
decide who goes to training next....Promise or Breeze. I had decided Breeze, but Promise is really ready to go...and she is muscled up too.....should be easy to start her. Very nice disposition on this little mare...she just had some bad breaks afer leaving the track.

Ryan...we have lots of work to do. Now if the sun would just co-operate....ummm...back to that novel......

I saw Cherri on Friday and was glad to visit with her in her busy little restaurant.
She has the best vegetable lasagna in the world. Nice to see you Cherri! You are truly one of the nicest people I know.

Back to work tomorrow......up early....lots of chores to do......Caryn comes to help on Monday eveinings....I shouldn't say "help" because by the time I get there....she is done and I just stand around...with idle hands.

Enjoy your week, I hope the sun comes out for all our sakes.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Hide and seek is a tiresome game.

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