Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

After a gorgeous day yesterday, this morning we awaken to rain least it is not cold...but a dreary morning none the less.
I head to the barn after coffee and toast. I feed Grace and then I will get to the rest. Grace is feeling oh, so much stronger and has dismantled part of her stall. I took the gate away and put a 2 x 4 in it's place, as I did not want her to catch a foot in it.....she paws when she sees you enter the barn and it doesn't stop until you FEED her. I am now trained to feed her first. I learn easily....she is amazed how well that worked.
I throw hay to everyone else and then fix grain for them....then time to clean. Grace and Tarbaby have a mess, as usual.
Then it is time to soak Tarbaby's foot for a little while, then I will medicate it and wrap it. He doesn't think it is a good idea to soak his foot today....and he exits the stall as quick as he can.
Okay, I get a halter.
He waits for me and I halter him, then I lead him back into the stall and give him a pat, a stern word to stand still and I mention how much better he felt last time I soaked him.
No deal....he does not want to lower his delicate foot into the bucket.
I try forcing his foot into the bucket. I speak some French to him.
He puts his foot down, outside of the bucket.
I pick his foot up.
I pick the bucket up.
He puts his foot down with a stomp.
Enough already.
I pry his foot off the floor and drag the bucket over and I tell him we are putting his foot into the bucket.
His foot goes into the bucket and immediately comes up again and he wings his head around to look right at me. He has knocked some of the water out of the bucket.
Look, I say.....the water is simply not that are a baby.
I demonstrate by putting my hand in the bucket, almost up to my elbow.
He is unimpressed.
He plants his foot and I use both hands to lift it off the ground.
I move the bucket in place.
I aim his foot and voila.....into the bucket.
He gives up.
He visibly relaxes and just like I feels good and he stands by himself, foot in the bucket while I go and get the pamper diaper (for his foot wrap) and the medication.
About ten minutes later...I say are done....let's lift out of the bucket.
Umm...his foot is planted.
I tap him on the leg.
I poke him in the side...move over....thus to pick the leg up........
Okay.....I push his shoulder......
he lightens the leg and I take the opportunity to grab it.
Such a Prima Donna.
I dry his foot, apply the medicine....apply the baby pamper, wrap with coflex tape....then wrap with duct tape to hold it. He holds his leg up very nicely the whole time....the duct tape is easy to tear....phew......we are done.

Next up is Grace...clean and medicate the issues...she is as good as gold. She stands stock still. Then I groom her a little and she leans into me. I give her some more mush and as she eats it I hear her teeth making noise. She really needs her teeth done.....but we will have to wait a few more weeks until she is strong again.

and so my morning goes. I meant to take pictures of the new chicks..but I forgot the media card for the camera.

Yesterday I got quite a bit done....Briann and Darlene were there to help in the morning and then Briann hung out with me for the afternoon and we ran errands then came back and worked some more. We got the chicken house painted, the benches paited, beauty bark spreah and then layed down a stone pathway (which looks fabulous!) Briann went home with paint freckles. She was such a big help. ...thanks Briann.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Wag more........bark less.

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