Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

It is peacefully quiet when I get up at 5am....make oatmeal, drink the my mail, make a list, put some laundry in, let the dogs out and then back in......fill water bowls......shower and off to the barn.

It is so beautiful on a sunny day, particularly in the morning, at the farm.....horses run the fence as I pull up the drive and they whinny at me.....I know it isn't love, but it's close....and I treasure the scene all the is something I never tire of. I love them and that is all that matters.

I throw hay and then clean stalls for a while. Grace is a bit of a stall pig and I won't leave her in a dirty stall...she is free to come and go, but she naps in the stall on and off throughout the day. Then I throw grain, my favorite part........Tarbaby sings to me as he does every single time I give him his "grub"......I really have to video it and put it on here...if it doesn't melt your heart.....well, nothing will.

Beaver is grumpy and demands some of Silk's grain as I pass through....I give him a handful and he stops to chew it up and then follows right behind me to see if he can grab some more. I refuse. He stomps and swings his little butt around......the grain is delivered to Silk and the gate is over.

I leave a note for Ryan, leave a check for gravel......leave Ryan some cold drinks, and snacks. ...then off to work.
I listen to Foreigner sing "Hot Blooded" and I sort of was a great song in it's day. Hot Blooded always makes me think of a Thoroughbred.

I come back this evening and Ryan, Shelli and Caryn are there.....we chat for a while and Ryan shows me all he has done during the, he got a lot accomplished. Caryn has a show this weekend ...Good luck to you! Shelli is working on her new house......we are all so busy.
Ryan and I move some railroad ties and then I send him home...he is tired. I finish up a few things and the barn is quiet, the chickens are going to bed and I spy a black cat eating out of Silk's grain pan. Hmmm?
worth a second look , so I walk down there and call the jets. I notice it is the same cat that I saw last week eating out of my mom's is very thin. I make a mental note to leave cat food out on the hay bales and walk back up to the main barn. As I come through the barn, I hear a faint "mew".....and I turn around and there is the cat behind me.........small, perhaps 6 or 7 months old......thin.....dark chocolate brown......small white spot on chest. I call it......."here kitty" mews again and follows me. I get some food out and set it down....the cat comes running.....eats so fast, it drools and chokes a little......I reach to pet it and it backs off.....then comes up again......eats some more......lets me scratch it's head....but I cannot pick it up....cannot touch the runs off......then comes is very hungry.....poor kitty. I fill the bowl up and leave to go home. Lots of places for a cat to sleep at the barn...and we have lots of food. It came to a safe place. I don't think our barn cat saw it......? We lock our barn cat up at night for safety. This new one....It is a female and I hope it is not pregnant. Generally that is how it works.....they show up pregnant. We will try to gain it's trust and then make it a vet's appointment. I am sure someone dropped it off......well, perhaps it got lost, who knows. I named her Minks...she looks to be the color of Mink. We will see if it is still here tomorrow....what do you think?!

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow;

It is okay to change your mind.

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