Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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I received an email from a reader regarding an opportunity for Pony Up and a chance for you to have fun with your horse........

Here are the details......sounds like fun for horses and riders and an opportunity to break a Guiness Book record too!

From: Jamie:

"I am the ride host for the ACTHA Ride for the Rescues Competitive Trail Challenge on June 13th in Fall City, WA. I have been asked to choose a local rescue in which to donate the first $500 in proceeds for the ride. Here is my dilemma! I know, socialize, work with or help at least one person associated with all the rescues in the area and choosing one would have me playing favorites which I hate to do.
A friend had a great idea and I got the approval from ACTHA to entertain the idea. Here it is….....I am going to invite several horse rescues to the party and ask every paid rider that comes to the event to choose which of the rescues would they like the money to go to. The rescue that has the most riders representing them gets the money! Now, $500 is nothing to sneeze at. But it means that you have to have riders at the event who choose your rescue to win!!
Since this is a ride to break the Guinness™ World Record AND to raise money for local horse charities, it would be fitting if you could put the word out with your adopters, volunteers, fan clubs, bulletin boards and ask them to ride in the event! Even better, ride one of your rescue horses in the event!!
The ride is geared to even the most novice of riders and the obstacles are fun but not overwhelming. Besides, you can always go around an obstacle and pass on it."

For details on the ride,please see the information below. Riders must register online by Friday June 11th to participate. Riders need to sign up by going to the www.ACTHA.us website and picking on the FALL CITY, WA ride.

Ride Name: Washington World Record Attempt – South

Location: Fall City, WA (Tokul Trails, Snoqualmie Valley Trail)

Affiliate/Host: Jamie Thomas

Phone: 206.817.3731

Email: jthomas@nomadsrestranch.com

Website: www.actha.us

GO here for more information:

This historic event is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the Guinness™ World Record Attempt. Join trail riders across the nation setting a world record while raising desperately needed funds for horse rescues.

Ride…Volunteer..Make a Difference!

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