Sunday, June 13, 2010

Such a Sunday

Beautiful morning.....warm, no breeze.....I get right to work...throw hay, grain them.....clean stalls.
Then......I decide that Grace and Silk should be together. I lead Grace down to his fence line and let them sniff. She is NOT interested...she cries for Tarbaby. I let go of her and she RUNS...I mean runs as in canter, gallop....runs back to Tarbaby.
I try it again.
NOPE...she is not going to have it. She whinnies for Tarbaby. He whinnies for her.
I had no idea.
So with my plans ruined, I decided that Grace and Tarbaby would get turned out together.
Much better plan.
No screaming...they groom each other and settle in for a nap, right next to each other.
Then I have the bright idea that everyone should have fly spray.
Grace takes her fly spray like a champ. Beaver stands relatively still....
The TB's off the track snort and run for the lower pasture. Obviously they have never seen fly spray before......I guess they don't use it at the track, huh? I get halters and they procede to run. I give up. I go to spray Church, my big warmblood...ummmmmmm, no he doesn't really want to be sprayed either....he also runs and he kicks at me as he whizzes by. I stand up by the barn with a halter and a lead rope, fly spray hanging from my pocket...
Grace stands and looks at me, like what is all the fuss for?
I don't know is just fly spray.
We both go spray.
The fly spray has set off a whole torrent of running, bucking and blowing.....there really is no catching them now.
I really give up.
I am trained....remember?

more later.

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