Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Off to the barn this morning in rain and wind.....tree down in the driveway...I climbed over it and called my brother in law to come with a chainsaw. My hair got wet while I was feeding hay....I got the big hair look....circa the 1970's....... I knew I should have taken a blow dryer to work or at least to the barn.....then I would need a mirror, wouldn't I?

Grace is much stronger. She stands like a statue over her food and no amount of prodding or pushing will make her move or pick her head up. It makes me laugh. If you get close to her, say stand at her hip....she will lean into you like a dog....and she is very insistent to eat first. Her new hair is shiny and she is actually getting some muscle on her thighs. I will de-worm her next week if all is still going well. She is coming along better than I expected....although still stiff and I don't really expect that to change.

Sully is feeling better from his horse cold....back to work this week. He is enjoying a pasture turnout with another gelding and so we now know it is possible for him to live with another gelding peacefully.

Lots of kids Caryn who volunteers for us....congrats to you and thanks for the time you spend with us.....we like you!

Another hen is sitting on eggs and yes, I am tempted to do the "adopted" chick maybe just one chick? I don't want a whole crop of new ones. I think the feed store still has some and I intend to check it out tomorrow.....hopefully they have some purebred ones left...and the hen will never know the difference.

The weather is supposed to warm up for Friday......thank goodness......maybe we can dry out again and work on the arena. Rain or shine, I am picking up railroad ties on Friday for the retaining wall..they were so heavy last time.......I will have to find help getting them off loaded.....although I do have the tractor and a chain.

Ryan is still on vacation in Arizona.......come back soon.....we miss you! We hope you are having some fun and surely you must be getting some sun? Give those mules a kiss for me.

Survey says the diet plan has failed to work for Max and Ollie........umm...and Church.......and Tarbaby. My fault I guess...they always look hungry...don't they?

A very large THANK you to Sandy Mowry, Hannah J and family....your donation will help us to help work, are very generous to us and we appreciate your support!

Off to shut the chickens in......I really need an automatic door closer. I am sure they make those things.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Is your mountain a mole hill?

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