Saturday, February 26, 2011

BRRRRRRRR on Saturday

Very cold the last couple of days.....water tubs that never thaw have to be broken, warm water offered while we feed, hot mash in the morning and evening, blankets....heat tape on pipes, water spickets get covered with insulators, heat lamps in the chicken house....okay, I am officially tired of winter. Just a week ago all of my plants were beginning to peek out of the ground, the hydrangea was budding green leaves and yesterday the leaves were frozen and lifeless. It never got over about 25 yesterday and today the weather forecast says possible snow again. YUCK.
Hard to clean paddocks when the piles are frozen stiff.

Yesterday I was feeding the whole farm crew and just about to add sunflower seeds to the bird feeder, when I noticed what looked like the tip of a tail in one of the holes........hmmm. I take the bird feeder down, open the top and sure enough...there is a red squirrel stuck in the feeder. I have to take the feeder apart to liberate him (her)......he runs straight up the tree and then stops to scold me in a loud shrill voice. It didn't seem to damage his he came back minutes later to eat seeds again.

I took advantage yesterday of an afternoon off, did some shopping, made an early dinner for later, took some of said dinner to my mom, fed the pony down the street (doesn't that sound like the lyrics to a song?)...I also took him water because I figure if they don't feed him, they probably don't care if he has water either...put the chickens to bed, then Brenda and I scared each other almost to death...neither of us knew the other was in the barn until we almost ran smack into each other.....she didn't hear me and my mind was a million miles away and then brought to the present in a millisecond of a short scream. HA.

Anyone for a Siamese cat? A friend's renters moved and left their Siamese cat.......outside of course. He is cold and wondering where his family went. Sealpoint I think...not that it matters of course. I haven't layed eyes on him yet...just trying to find someplace for him to go. I don't know why his folks just left him, ....very cruel and why not just take him to the Humane Society? Out of sight, out of mind I guess. People....

I guess I am off to start my chores....this is my late morning and I am LATE.

Enjoy your day and email me if you want that cat???!

Pony Up fortune for today.......

Give them what they ask for.

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