Saturday, February 5, 2011

Post script

A post script to yesterday......
The horses were very upset with Grace's passing. I expected Louie to be the most upset..but I was wrong......first of all Church got frantic and he created such a fuss, I had to let him out of his short run and into the long paddock. He ran and screamed and then ran until he was exhausted....but secondly, my own boy Winston, was very we let him out with Grace's body. He went to her, sniffed her, licked her, nudged her and then screamed at her, then he took the blankets off her body....stood with one hoof on her for a while, then licked her some more......then stood with his head down by her, in the rain for over an hour. It was very sad to watch. I finally caught him up and took him back to the barn into a new paddock. He seemed to be over it and was happy to be in the main barn again. He never made a peep the rest of the day.

Our vet was right in that you have to let them have to let them get over the loss too.

Thank you Dr. Julie for your kindness and support. Thanks to the rest of my volunteers who were there with me and with Grace.

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