Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twilight Tuesday

Busy....busy....busy....here we are and it is already Tuesday.
The weather on Sunday and Monday was gorgeous, today not so much and now snow on the way! I was hoping we were over the hump and sliding on into spring....but NO!...snow for the next two days.

Saturday afternoon, Ryan and I got the roof put on the new shelter........okay, Ryan did most of the work and he did a great job. This weekend we will put sides on it and block the floor in. Then we might move the prisoners around until we have everyone in just the right spot.

Sunday I went and picked up a hotwalker that was donated to us.....a four horse. We will probably sell it, so if you are in the market, give us a jingle! We just don't have that much room and ummmmmmm...no one really works that hard at this farm...except me and the volunteers. I thought maybe the pony could be trained to use it...but he has other ideas about what he will tolerate and what he won't.

Keep your fingers crossed.....Lizzie has a potential adoption! We are so excited for her. Her training is coming along so well and she is such a nice mare....someone will get a very good horse and she will get a home like she deserves.

Cooper has come to be known as "Moose" in the barn....he is big and gangly......thick brown fur, big feet.......all he needs really is a rack of horns.
I have had more than three people say he resembles a moose and you know how those names stick. He is eating like a house on fire. We just up'd his feed, dewormed him on Sunday, will deworm him again on Friday and start him on some rice bran. If Lizzie gets adopted he will go to the Jones Farm next...no reason for him to wait...he is not sick or lame and does not seem to be a pyschopath in any sense of the word. He is going to make a nice horse for someone too.

The donkeys......well, we all love them...little cuddly boys they are....only Willie brays...Waylon is more the quiet type. Visitors come to the farm to see them, pet them and feed them treats....they like their pictures taken with the guests.

I had hay delivered tonight....a ton and a half to the small barn and this weekend we will get three ton more for the big barn. Big horses have big appetites. By the way, the diet grain was a bust......NO ONE lost any weight...so back on the Strategy Healthy Edge....maybe small portions and less beet pulp. I did cut the rice bran back...only the pregnant mare and the donkeys get it....before you get carried away...the donkeys are thin, they don't get grain, but we do give them some beet pulp with rice bran, so they can gain some weight and all the local grass that they WON'T eat......LOL.....they refuse the local grass and so they get timothy like the big horses. I give in to this right now because they are thin, have bad fur and are always hungry.......but when the fat comes back......no more extras.

It is cold out tonight......I wrapped pipes and disconnected hoses. I left the stray cat a nice bed next to the water heater...and shut the regular barn cat in her room.
Everyone should be comfortable..I left the light on in the chicken coop too, so the girls wouldn't be cold.

Thanks as always to our supporters and volunteers.......we couldn't do it without you.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It will strike you like lightning.

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