Monday, February 14, 2011

Monsoon Monday

Can you say RAIN? WIND? We have had it all.......currently no power. I got to the barns and used my truck headlights to feed and I think I actually got stall pellets in the right places in the stalls. Branches everywhere and power is out for fifteen miles or more away. When you least expect it, I suppose. I am running on generator investment we ever made!

Lizzie enters her first week of training...she got her teeth done today......another horse with the WORST teeth. Gee whiz......doesn't anyone pay attention to teeth? No training can be done without it.....and tomorrow, Lizzie will start with fresh teeth and begin to be a saddle horse. She really is a pretty mare and has a great disposition. Of course, you know, there has hardly ever been a horse that I don't like........and if it is bay.....well, all the better. You can forgive almost anything with a bay least I think so.

Cooper is a love. I wish he could talk and we could know where he has been and what he knows. Right now he knows that we feed him and he calls to us......softly, then more loudly to get us to know where to exactly drop the feed.

The pregnant mare suddenly has a HUGE belly. where did that come from? Her leg is so much better and she is so used to soaking it, that she sees us coming and begins to lift her leg up for us. I am sure it feels really good.

The eagle got one of my hens. I hate him some days. I know he has a family to feed, but gosh, I wish he would go maybe Brenda's house! She has chickens.

Lots of plans for the upcoming of course.always work. We need to have some fun I think. Maybe a huge party.....? Maybe just coffee and doughnuts...

I bought grain today and most of it is still on my truck seat..too dark to unload it....I forgot the rice bran and will have to go back for it. I should have paid closer attention....I get busy and lose my brain.

A big thank you to the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club for the donation! Thank you and we will be using this for hay....we seem to go through a lot of it as the machines never stop production!

Off to let dogs in again and settle them in for the night.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

From your lips to God's works out.

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