Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Twice on Tuesday

I slipped up.....I guess I should have described our new mare as "sorrel and white".....funny how sorrel seemed right out of reach of my vocabulary!
She is feeling better tonight, not as nervous, ate all of her grain *laced with medication) and ate the better part of her hay. The electric fence had her scared......I guess she never has seen one before. She came to us for scratches tonight and drank some warm water. I soaked her foot this morning, then volunteers soaked her foot around 11 and then Susy and I soaked it again at 6pm. I wrapped it in an icthamol sweat for overnight to see if we can get the swelling down and the infection out. She was a doll to handle.
I emptied the hoses and turned faucets off...because it will freeze hard tonight. I then left Pony Up and fed "our" pony down the street (whose weight looks stellar, I might add).....then headed for barn number two.
I find Ollie in a sweat...walking circles in the stall, kicking and cocking his head to the side like he is looking for snakes.
No see-ums.
Anyone else might think he is colicky...but he has been my horse for about 15 years and February brings no see-ums and a neurotic Ollie......he cannot stand them landing or biting him......he frets, he looks at his tummy, he kicks....he sweats and walks the stall and begs you for help.

so anyway, I take his blanket off and try to get him to become calm. I talk to him in a soothing voice..he walks off and kicks some more...he groans a little to add to the effect.
He kicks and walks a circle in his stall......right around me and then turns his butt to me and slams it into me.....
so that I will rub his tummy, and the inside of his thighs.....so I do.....and then he lifts his leg out and high so that I can get all the parts. He is very worried.....and he is 1500 lbs.....and prone to being excitable....he is a TB....he is a drama queen.
Next step is Corona Ointment.
I slather it on his tummy.
Then I get the fly spray.....spray his legs, his belly, his neck.....his chest....and then I take a damp cloth and clean the outside of his sheath.
He is immediately quieter.
Why don't I have any benedryl?
He needs it.
Hell, I need it.
I spray more fly spray and realize that I have it all over my hands and now I will probably have some neurological disease. ...and then I start coughing because my stupid lungs are still congested from who knows what...from way last November...and I think it has permeated my jacket.......I take my jacket off and I am sweaty.
I very nearly considered calling the vet......to give him a tranquilizer or some IV benedryl (anything...I am reaching here....)
My throat is sore. I smell fly spray and nothing else. Lovely.
I wipe my hands on my pants......throw his blanket back on, stand with him, rub his tummy again.....consider more fly spray.
I give him his grain, he vacuums it. I feel better.
He stands a little to the side, kicks his belly a few times...I pat him, he sighs.
all is well.
Good grief.
I go home and it is almost nine. Late dinner. Glass of wine........tired...and ready to go to bed.....but more chores to do...

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

I am all ears.

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