Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work week winding

Wednesday evening....cold outside and it will probably freeze.....chance of snow, so the weatherman says. I say NO....just go away and let spring commence.

I went and got the forgotten rice bran, stall pellets...visited a while with the Cenex crew......drove back, collected eggs as I head counted my hens....they were all there.....then fed the horses, filled water tubs, filled cat bowls (stray cat and Miss Kitty)....cleaned Winston's stall....I swear he had 100 lbs of poop today.....all nicely piled in the corner of his stall. Beaver was wet and dirty......lord only knows what he was up to today, but it didn't look good. Donkeys are LOUD and want a treat. Shelli is coming in the morning and she will spoil them I give them a little beet pulp with sunflower seeds and they quiet right down.

Max is for adoption......very handsome big boy......17H 1600 lbs, picture attached with this blog. He is 14 years old, not suitable for jumping due to some arthritis, but is fine for trail, low level dressage....he could be your lesson horse...not a lesson horse..but a horse for you to take lessons on...and he could benefit from hock injections/Adequan. Adoption fee of 600 dollars.

We cannot say enough good things about least currently! He is very sweet, loves to lean into you, smell your hair, pull at your a youngster. He has good stall manners and is very polite. We are working on putting some weight on him. He will get his feet trimmed on Friday afternoon and another deworming shortly thereafter. He has a very deep whinny when we come to feed him and then he grunts and has learned to bang the stall door ...thanks Max! Max is the king of banging the stall doors and now it sounds like a chorus......of course everyone is dying to eat.

Off to bed......early to rise.>>I doubt it will make me wealthy or wise......I have horses......I should have my head examined.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

If nothing matters.........everyone loses.

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