Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rain soaked Saturday

What a long day! Wind, cold and then the rain started! Well, we worked anyway....demolished the old pony shed, put in a new gate, and started a new shed....this time it is plumb...I mean it's square? level, even....and looks great!
I had a full compliment of helpers.....thanks to all of them and thanks to Arrow Lumber for the great deal!

Cooper is settling in......still eating like a house on fire! He loves beet pulp///grain and his big spacious stall. Brenda groomed him today and he was a good boy. We like him a lot! Picture above is him in his new paddock. I expect him to look completely different in three weeks. Anyone who knows his background, please let us know.

The barns are full again.....almost time to buy hay, spring dental floats....deworming, feet never stops!

We have had thirty fence posts donated and we will put these to good use! The last part of the farm can be refenced. We also had a nice blanket donated by Mary V and we have used it on the pregnant mare.

Oh we are anxious for more rain please!

Pony Up fortune for Sunday........

Let your heart loose today.

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