Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Cooper is home!

I have to say, contrary to popular speculation.....Cooper appears to be a Thoroughbred. He is about 16.1, lanky.....plain brown.....small than my TB.....but let me say this....he has superb manners....loaded like a pro....hauled like an angel......he waited nicely in the trailer while we went in the store for snacks.. and he simply ate and ate and ate. We unloaded him in the driveway, he walked calmly to the barn.....and we put him in his stall, he found more hay and that was that. No drama. He was still eating when I left...sort of like a house on fire.
He is thin, dirty and has longish feet......but he should clean up fine and shine in no time. We will deworm him in the morning and then give him a good brushing, bang his tail and feed him some treats.
We will take some pictures to my own TB for those doubters and you can see his size. My own Tb will probably not stand still for long and it is supposed to rain, so we will see.
All in all we are pleased with Cooper.

Lizzie went to the training barn today and she also was a very good girl....loaded right up, hauled out fuss. She will have her teeth done and be started under saddle. We did notice that her hind pastern is a little swollen. No heat....but ?

A lot to do tomorrow...I am already tired.

Thanks Shelli and Caryn for the help today!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Forget about troubles for today.

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