Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wet wet Wednesday

Perpetually late...perpetual task crossed off and another added to the top. We need to buy hay, I bought grain yesterday, left the store without the rice bran....need to go back today, need to go the store....need to ...???
I am fifteen minutes off my schedule this I must fly.

Lizzie was actually under saddle yesterday and is being a very good girl, no lameness issues yet (keep fingers crossed) and she had her teeth floated. Turns out she had really bad teeth and her mouth was probably very sore, so she is going in a hackamore until we know the pain has gone away. Her weight is good, which is a wonder, considering how bad her teeth were. I would bet she has never had her teeth done...ever. Sad.

The pregnant mare is still with us until we can work some details out...but she probably has a new home, just waiting for confirmation. Her name is Dolly and everyone loves her. She came to the farm with a bad leg wound, but it is almost healed and she is walking much better. She loves her foot soaked and will now hold it up for us. We watch the baby kick and is very active. My volunteers spend a lot of time with her...grooming and petting. This is a very sweet of the nicest we have known.

Well, I am off to start my work day....also will scout around for hay today and see what is available. There is some real junk out there.

Enjoy your day.......

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Do not carry a heavy heart by yourself.

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