Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early Tuesday morning

I figured I had better get this done early or I won't have time later.
Full day ahead.

I am expecting rain like everyone else......so I loaded up on stall pellets yesterday. I love stall pellets. They make cleaning so much easier. I don't know why I didn't think of them years ago. I don't know why I didn't invent A LOT of things. Sometimes when you think about how simple "new" ideas are.......gee.
Probably all of us are the mothers of invention at some point in our lives or several points at least.

So I have come to the conclusion that fall is really here. Kim and I blanketed all of the horses last night. We had blankets that fit everyone. I really don't know where I got all these blankets. Well......I probably spent a lot of money buying them and I can hear myself asking Carla....."did you save me some big ones? got any 87's?"......Carla at Stroh's is the best........she keeps big blankets in stock, mid weight, heavy weight....economic, and stylish! We always get what we want.
Other than that, I think I have several that Chelsea gave me. I know I have enough for almost every horse to have three to choose from.

Anyway I will see how the filly fared in her blanket this morning. She was not too sure she liked it. But she looks stunning in her light blue with black trim blanket!

Yesterday I saw a stunning quilt. I do not sew or pretend to sew.....but I admire the work of those who do. WOW. This quilt was heavy and was like a million pictures of horses. Art really. It must take forever to do this. I really should learn how, but then that would require me sitting still and I do not sit still very well. I never did.......ask my mother.

Please enjoy your day and do something for someone else.
Perhaps a random act of kindness...pay for someone's coffee....buy some flowers and hand them to someone sad. Give a dog a milkbone. Let someone ahead in line. Buy an extra lunch and give it to a homeless person. Vist an older person with a small treat of ice cream.
Buy Beaver some carrots........okay that is a joke! But you get my drift...
You will feel great afterward......DO IT!

I better get going.
I would rather get back into bed and sleep for an hour. Just an hour.
Nope. No time.
Stalls need cleaning and of course I have starving horses WAITING. You know they are.
I will be scolded.

Then off to work. No heat in our office.......broken. I will dress warmly in fleece and a jacket. I may look like I am working outside.....today I won't care....because yesterday I was cold all day.

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