Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday........Yukon comes home to Pony Up North

I tried to sleep in. I had a cat in my face around 7am, followed by a lively Jack Russell who wanted to go outside.......RIGHT NOW!
Followed by a Lab who wanted out of her kennel.
Okay....okay......I am getting up.

Out the door around 8am and to the barn. It is cold out...I have worn a down jacket...and it lasts about ten minutes when the first bead of sweat hits me. Off comes the jacket and it is me in a Tee shirt. Okay I had jeans on too. Funny, because I was thinking that this was the first time all summer long that I had worn a coat of any kind. Fall is here, there is no denying it.

Kim came around 10 and she groomed Sully. About ten fifteen we loaded him up in the trailer and I might add that he loaded like a superstar. We took him to a local riding arena. He unloaded and we took him inside.......let him loose in the arena and he looked around and called some. He was unfazed and mostly walked around. As other horses arrived he got a little more excited and called and was curious. Ultimately there were a few other horses in the arena having lessons so we loaded him up and took him home. Still, it was a positive road trip. Glad to have Kim along as she is an experienced hand and Sully likes and trusts her.

Yukon was tried out by a woman today at the same arena as Sully was taken to. Yukon looks great, his feet look good also.....what a nice boy. He was as good as gold under saddle. We brought him to Pony Up North afterward and he will stay for a week or so. We have a couple of prospects for him over this way and we want to make sure it is a good fit. He is a kind horse. Thank you to our volunteer Devon Coultas who rode and showed Yukon under saddle today. Devon is a great rider and was very helpful.

Thank you to Kim for all the time spent today and the waiting around. You are a glad to have you.

We had another volunteer come by today and we were so glad to meet her.......she wants to help with our construction projects and boy can we use the help! Glad to meet you Sharri!

Lauren is another volunteer who comes on Sunday evening and does a great job. She already knows the routine and the horses love her.

Another work week comes our way and more Pony Up projects to finish. Did I mention gravel and boards? Mud control? Manure management?

Oh...I forgot....thanks to Mr. Storm for coming and taking (yes, TAKING) some of the manure pile today! What a blessing....come and get more anytime you want!

Have a great week, keep your pets warm and safe.

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