Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday and fall sets in

I tossed and turned last night, got up several times and finally slept soundly at around 5am. It was sort of gray when I finally got up around 7:15am......I got some coffee, let the dogs out, fed the cats and got on the computer for a while to check emails.
I left for the barn and worked by myself until Kim came. Bless her heart....thermos of coffee with Irish Creamer and some for me! We drank some coffee and talked for a while, then got to work.
The Stiffey family showed up a little later and joined us in the work party. We painted loafing sheds and put some more boards up for wind protection. I settled some mats in front of stalls while Darlene cleaned the main barn...and what a job! So organized. I simply told them to do what they wanted and she and Kim moved stuff and reorganized other areas.
I built a ramp to the filly's platform area, so that we can have a drainage ditch with no one walking through we have to fence an area off which will help prevent mud.
We worked until 1:30 and we were hungry so we went to eat Mexican food.......we were a sight....I had paint in my hair and on my eyelashes......Sharon had paint on her coat and Brianne was just plain dirty! Oh well, no one stared at us too hard and the food was MUY EXCELLENTE!

Tomorrow we have someone trying out Yukon and so Chelsea and Dawn will come to Pony Up north, at least for a little while. Kim will ride Sully too. We take them to a local arena that is enclosed. Hopefully the weather will hold.

I guess we don't talk too much about Pony UP and things to come or why or how or when. A little background for you.

Pony Up was my baby. I formed it in order to fund raise for other rescues that I was involved with. I had privately rescued horses for years on my own funds. This year I became disenchanted with the prospect of being involved with other rescues and decided to go public with my own. I asked Chelsea to join me as I valued her own commitment to rescue and rehab.

Did we have any money? Just our own.
Did we have a facility? Just our own.
Did we have any ideas? Plenty.
Did we have any horses? we always have horses..... :)

So how is Pony Up run day to day? By Chelsea and Rosemary ...on their properties and on their budgets. We have taken in some donations of cash and we have been donated some grain, hay and other items here and there. We are blessed by having volunteers who donate their time and efforts...
We don't post for emergency money because it comes from our pockets.....we will use Pony Up money when we have it, but most often it comes from us. We will not take in horses that we are not willing to "personally" commit to....we cannot and do not wait for "donation" money to take care of horses. Horses have care 24/7.....horses always have food and horses will always have medical care. Chelsea and I treat each horse like it is our own.

We definitely need help fundraising. Both of us work full time jobs and take care of more than five horses each. I have six horses at my farm ...oh and a pony too. Chelsea has six also. That is a lot of work each morning and evening.......again, thanks volunteers!
We endeavor to build a bigger Pony Up community around us. We have big dreams....a horse food bank for winter....a fund for veterinary care for older folks.....
Improvements to our farms are done by our own dollars. My own farm has needed a lot of upgrades this year in order to house Pony Up horses and my own. I still need improvements to my arena but that will be next year. We have had a lot of medical expenses with Junah and Hammy......very necessary and not regretted.

This winter will surely bring horses who need help. In order to help, we must be prepared. So we need to fundraise and solicit donations. Chelsea's property needs a loafing shed, some gravel and a small amount of fencing. I still need gravel...and perhaps another loafing shed and some outdoor lighting. We need to put up hay and establish a veterinary fund. We can and do make a difference.

We have three horses ready for adoption.........spread the word! Maybe you want to foster? Maybe you want to commit to "working" a horse? Sully could use some regular work, Yukon could use regular work......the filly could use regular handling and hacking.........all are very adoptable and healthy.....adoption fees help us to help others.

If you have ideas for fundraising ...let us know...if you want to join the volunteer meetings, email us......

help us help horses.

simple. heartfelt.

thank you.

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