Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday...I was supposed to sleep in

Well......I didn't sleep well last night, even though I was tired....the physical labor did not quiet my mind. My brain was churning with a chore list and figuring out logistics of the chores and how the end result should looks and then worrying about how I was going to get it all done. So I got up around 2am and made a list, then suborganized the list......then took an advil and went back to bed. I still tossed and turned. Usually the list thing comforts my busy mind....
so anyway, here I am now drinking coffee, listening to pooring rain and YES it is pouring.
I am wondering how much heavier the gravel will be today? Now that it is soaked.
I have post holes to dig too....a little bit of fencing to put up....probably some ditches to dig too......I have some donations to pick up and I also have a lesson on Winston. I am figuring at this point the lesson may just be the end of me.....physically.

The light is just starting to appear above our fir wind. There is some mist in the trees and it looks like a scene out of a movie...mysterious and lonely.
It is supposed to rain all day. Great. My chickens stayed in the barn yesterday and refused to go outside.....partially because of the weather and probably partially because of the "predator" who lurks in the woods. I chased them out but they came in through the stall, so I gave up. I feel bad for them when it rains. Still.....they could hang out in their houses.....not the barn. I call them "working" chickens because they eat bugs, spread manure and keep the manure pile turning. Strange how a bunch of chickens can do so much work.

I am sitting here and considering that after washing my hair, there will really be no reason to dry it. I am just going to get wet again....right?

I am going to have to quit reading Craigslist. Honestly, the farm and garden section is depressing. I think we will see a lot of these horses at auction next month.....due to people's economic woes. There were so many ads for folks who said they could no longer afford to feed their horses......heartbreaking. Can't I win the lotto? Could someone leave me 30 acres with a large barn and a huge trust for horses?
If it is this bad now, January and February will be quite dismal.

We need to work on our horse food bank. Any volunteers? email ideas.......I am open to all.

be safe out there.
enjoy your wet Saturday.............oh and I am going to dry my hair. :)

added Saturday evening;

Kim and I worked all day with the gravel and put up fencing for a small paddock......we were wet and cold. Thank you Kim for your HARD work, good ideas and are an angel!

The grey filly I wrote about in an earlier blog has a new home! She was picked up today and will have a full belly by the time you read this! YAY!!!!!!!!! Somebody who read this blog....... THANK YOU> THANK YOU>

We visited Stroh's today and picked up our donation box money........Strohs had added extra money in the box for some items they sold. Thank you Carla! I bought a bridle and some grass seed for the paddocks.

Needless to say I am tired ...........again. We shoveled a lot of gravel today and I dug some ditches early this morning while it was pouring rain. All horses are dry......we are down to just doing two more paddocks. I will be glad to be done and so will Kim. SO will everybody! I have never been so sopping wet in my life. What a miserable day.

Off to a hot bath......

PonyUp fortune cookie:

Allow compassion to be your constant companion and for this you will never lack friends.

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