Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday...halfway home

Rainy Wednesday morning and dark too......I get to the barn, the chickens are not yet ready to come out, the cats stay in the barn and play on the stacked hay.. Stalls have been well used during the night and boy, how am I going to clean all this up in an hour?
So I throw hay, fill grain buckets with water/beet pulp and senior food, rice bran and sunflower seeds.....Winston and Yukon are in a state of agitation because I am not fast enough. They take turns kicking the stall walls while I yell at them to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! They have selective hearing during times like these....and then they chase each other out and down their paddock runs. Okay, okay...I give is your grain RIGHT please stop?

My hair is now wet and frizzing. These are the times when I think I should have short hair. I sometimes show up for work with hay in my hair. The guys are now programmed to pick the hay out of my hair before I have any interaction with customers. There is no way for me to style my hair, go to the barn and then go to work with "said style" way. My hair is naturally wavy.....naturally obstinate...not straight but not quite curly. I pull it straight in the morning but by the time the rain hits it.....wave city is here.

I start to clean stalls and wonder why Beaver suddenly has to GO in his stall. He normally goes outside in one spot and this morning he has like 100 lbs of manure in one corner. WHY? He doesn't answer ..just demands a little bit of beet pulp with sunflower seeds and bran....and then like, umm.....don't bother him...he is busy.

We got a couple of donations in the mail from a blog reader.....Thank you Jeanette. Your note was sweet and I plan to visit your website tonight.

My brother in law is sick and in the hospital with pneumonia and swine flu.......say a couple of prayers for him would you? He is very sick.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:
Look before you leap........practice what you preach.

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