Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday and we have a peacock?

I arrive at the barn this evening and meet Kim and Devon......they are cleaning and feeding.
I walk up and I see a peacock with my chickens.....a full grown CBS look a like peacock. I say "where did he come from?"
Kim says "I found him asleep in the entry way of the barn."
He wasn't here this morning. He wasn't here yesterday.
He must, therefore, be a traveling peacock. Just passing through.
I fed the chickens and he ate......well, he ate like a hog...then I threw him some fig newtons......and he ate those too.
We named him Pete the peacock.

It appears that Pete the Peacock does not have a big brain. He went to roost on the top of a fence post, right in the middle of the pasture. I chased him off,hoping he would go roost in a tree......but NOOOOOOOOOOOO...he went right back to the fence post. So then the three of us chased him into the barn, shut the lights out, caught him and then put him on top of the hay for the night. He was there when I left. It is really nasty and windy/rainy out tonight and I just could not see him sleeping out in the open. Of course, what do I know about Peacocks? NADA. The horses thought he was very strange.

It has been a long week. I am tired and going to bed early. I have barn chores in the morning, a load of gravel to meet..... a visit with KCR in the early afternoon and then a short shift at work late in the afternoon.

Horses,horses every where......people calling left and right......take my horse...please. Again, I wish I had a big barn, a trust fund and about twenty acres.....and still with the state of things, I fear it would not be big enough.
The horses we have are the lucky ones. They are safe.

The clock will fall back soon......just part of fall.......I hate it when the time changes.

Halloween on thing you know it is Thanksgiving...and then Christmas and then........JANUARY. Another year.

Pony Up fortune for Friday:

Something that was lost will be found.


LatigoLiz said...

You mean NBC, not CBS. ;)

LatigoLiz said...

Maybe he'll keep the eagles away from the chickens and be the new PUR mascot. ;)

Dawn said...

good luck with the peacock! the barn I leased had two and I made them take them with em when they left. yikes your hay will be full of PC poop and it is big and nasty. worse then goose poo cuz it will be high up not just on the ground. :( oh and wait till spring when they start breeding your poor mom is going to have a heartattack when they start screaming for help in the middle of the night. Can you tell I am not a PC fan? let us know how it goes ;)

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

yes.......okay...The NBC peacock....

he is still here...on TOP of my mom's car.

I hope he will find his way home!