Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday.........gravel and rain....rain and gravel

Let me just say.......I AM TIRED.

I had three dumptrucks full of gravel delivered. I have been shoveling gravel all afternoon. My back hurts, my neck hurts too. I am OLD. but I am in shape and have big biceps. Impressive? Hardly. No one notices you for big biceps. My biceps don't hurt either.

Huge thanks to the gravel truck driver. It is my regular driver and he is always so nice. He spread some of the gravel on the driveway that was left over....he didn't have to. He also backed into my arena and all the way into the back paddock....not an easy feat...bless his heart...and he got us a discount on the gravel. We love him.
Morrison Gravel is always good to us. I have known Kenny Morrison since high school.....great family.

The horses all got their feet trimmed today the rain or in their stalls. Everyone was good. Some were a little spun up because of the dump truck coming up and down the driveway....but stood still and were obedient for the shoer. Beaver stood for the shoer without a halter......the shoer had him convinced he had a halter on and so he stood mesmerized. It also helped that the next door neighbor stopped by...not a horse kind of guy.......but Beaver was very interested in his jacket and zippers. Poor Paul.

I just put horse linament on my back. It works great. Absorbine gel....I highly recommend it.

Glass of wine. Dinner.......BED.
Will I sleep? You bet I will.

Tomorrow is volunteer day. Guess what is on the list?


I shouldn't have revealed it......they won't show up. Umm.....did I say I would have hot coffee, donuts and music?

Seriously, they are probably sick of my opera music that is blaring on Saturday morning. Pavarotti.....beautiful. Teenage girls just cannot appreciate it. Maybe after they have listened to it for weeks, they will come to like it..?
okay....okay, I doubt it too.

anyway, one more paddock almost done, mostly functional and another one will get done tomorrow (if it kills me)

The filly still has her blanket on....this is a positive.....she was not fond of it right off the bat. No rips or tears. Winston is doing his best to grab and rip Church's blanket over the fence. Yukon is just trying to get along.
Beaver, of course, wears no blanket........he refuses. Ollie loves his blanket and never rips or tears at it.

Okay enough from me today........I have to eat dinner.

PonyUp fortune for tomorrow:

Master your fear and consider your friend's point of view.

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appywoman said...

I truly sympathize with you!When we bought our property 9 yrs ago, having horses again was the farthest thought from my mind. We spent 5 yrs having sand, dirt and gravel brought in just so we could build a garage! WE shlepped all that mess ourselves. Then 4 years ago I won my first horse (Appaloosa museum) and WE cleared the lot for pasture, put up the fences, gates, and my hubs built a run-in shed, not bad for a city boy,then th esecond horse came along, more pasture, fencing, dirt gravel and sand. But you know what? WE would do it all over again because the love, respect, care and general good feeling we get from them and hopefully from us to them, far, far outwheighs any discomfort we put ourselves through. WE are in our 50's now and would never in a million years have thought WE would be doing all this physical labor. A true labor of love.