Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday......rain, rain go away

...and don't come back another day.
I knew it was coming. I have been preparing. Good roofs leaked....all horses had blankets that fit.......but........but...............
we need more GRAVEL.
So tomorrow I will order up three more loads of fractured rock and I will spread it by hand and then hope the tractor comes to save me.
The graveled paddocks worked well and they drain well....but we have two more to do.
The pony paddock will get hogsfuel. Little pony feet do not disturb the ground so much and so the hogsfuel will work well for Beaver's area.
We sent Sully off for thirty days of training at a reputable western barn. I already miss him. This will be good socialization for him and maybe give him a work ethic too. The guy is a little lazy...
We have had a chicken hawk hanging around and he got two of the half grown chicks. I scared him off once but he returned. Now that he knows we have "free" hawk meals he will surely be back.
We also had a bear at the farm today........I didn't see him but he left tracks. Curiously the rooster has all of his tail feathers missing too. Do bears eat chickens? I am really not sure.
It has been a long week. I am tired and ready to sleep in tomorrow if only for a half of an hour. Lots of things to do tomorrow. The shoer comes, I pick up hay, I go for a lesson on Winston, I shovel gravel, I clean paddocks and probably shovel some more gravel.

We were asked to take a TB filly who has been abandoned.....sadly we have NO room to adequately house her. She is a gorgeous gray filly, four years old......left on 15 acres for several months. Needs her feet trimmed and will need regular groceries now that the pasture is gone.. Email me if you are interested and I will point you in the right direction. It breaks my heart to say no but we only have so much room. Summer is dryer and we can make emergency "room"...but winter is hard to house every horse responsibly.....dry stall and somewhat dry turn out. We know our limits....believe me.

Here is my PonyUp fortune cookie for tomorrow:

Look for the sign, then follow your intuition.

Have a great weekend!

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jrosey said...

You can only do what you can do, and how wonderful that there are animals that you are helping...and RESPONSIBLY helping.

I also am not liking this rain, nor is my horse. He just gets so bored! I would love to get him a companion, but must wait until we're a little more "set up" for another. Again, the responsibility factor. I'm looking forward to the weekend to spend some extra time with him and occupy his Arab brain with some work and extra visiting. ;)

Yikes about the bear! We also have bear in our neck of the woods, but I've yet to see one on our property. Not too sure that they eat chickens...maybe that particular guy wriggled free of the chicken hawk?

Have a great (busy) weekend! :)