Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday morning and we have a little sun

Horses fed, chickens fed, paddocks rain and a balmy 60 degrees. I took horse blankets off for a couple of hours. The filly was glad and wanted scratchies over her back and withers....then we progressed to the ears. She loves her ears scratched and rubbed.

I have a kidney stone. Ugh. How do I know? I have had kidney stones about 22 will know it when you have it. I really don't have time for this.
I will drink lots of water and hold out as long as I can. Wish me luck. Mild pain killers are my friend.

Still lots to do today. It is sure to start raining again and I need to get hay put up.
We have hogsfuel to spread on some pathways too....seems like we never have enough time. We insist on dry places to stand and dry places to get in out of the weather for our horses. All stalls are matted, everyone has walls to provide wind breaks and eventually everyone will have a graveled paddock run. We have blocked off access to pasture areas and seeded them with pasture grass. Hopefully when spring comes we will have some grazing areas where we can rotate horses. We really need about ten more acres and a HUGE barn...but I am glad for what we have and grateful.

enjoy your day.

A note to Natalie out there in cyberspace:
I don't know where you are or if you remember me, but I have kept my promise to you for twelve years and kept your "puppy" safe. Tomorrow she will be euthanized. Bad hips and severe arthritis. She has had a good life with us and I hope you never lost a moment of sleep worrying. Thank you for giving her a better life while yours was in turmoil. I pray you are safe.

PonyUp fortune cookie for tomorrow:

When you feel sorrow, it is because you feel love.


Dawn said...

Rosemary kidney stones? ewww! Hope you are feeling better soon ouch! Sorry about your dog.

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

yep...kidney stones. I will see the doctor tomorrow....or I will see the dr in the ER room tonight.

Someday I will tell you about the dog and Natalie.
thanks for your good thoughts!

jstiffeyssn648 said...

I have only had 3. One lasted about three hours. Second one lasted 3 weeks. And I swear I think the last one I had for the better part of 5 or 6 years and they kept trying to tell me it was a rib that had not healed right or that it was a muscle spasm, but have one and you always will know what they feel like. The last was what the call a Staghorn and it was huge if it had not exploded they were going to have to break it up. Hope it goes smoothly If we can help let us know Jan and the Stiffey clan