Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday ...is half my week over?

Cold and damp this morning......hot coffee in hand and off I go. The radio blares The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction".....a short trip but I turn the heat on and am glad I wore a heavier jacket.

Cats out....wet food given...chicken doors open......barn door open.......check, check...hmmmm......I have ten chickens in the rafters. The mother banty has decided that the barn is much cozier and safer for her and the chicks than the outdoor chicken house.....umm...okay. Well, no, not okay......this means chicken droppings on the barn floor and I don't need anymore daily chores. What to do? They all jump down now that the lights are on and start milling around my feet, begging for food.....I show them the door and the chicken feeder.......they go and take the wet food from the cats. UGH....some feral cats we have, huh?

I throw hay, put grain buckets together and then take the cats to my mother's house.....she insists they come in while it is still dark because of coyotes. She is probably right.

Back to the barn.....paddocks to clean in the dark, stalls to pick, beet pulp to make......look at the clock and I must get going....off to work. Turn the fence on, check gates.....check, check...oops, how about water? Water is good....off I go.

We are getting the Pony Up party in order. Invitations made...posters made......calls go out for silent auction donations. We have stellar group of volunteers to put this together. I am delighted. This is going to be fun and I can hardly wait.

We have a potential foster home for winter.....much needed and a very big help to us.
Sully has a potential adoption as well and we keep our fingers crossed that it can work out. Yukon will be on a half lease program to keep him in shape and in a dry stall/turnout. We will be able to provide an older horse in our community who has been abandoned with a foster placement. He deserves it. I will tell the story later....an older TB who has had a long and difficult life. A story we hear all too often.

Hey on Friday, guess what?

MORE GRAVEL, for the filly's paddock.......she has a lot of mud and it is critical (to us) to get it solved.....nothing that 300 dollars worth of gravel and some tractor work can't cure.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

What you think about becomes you.

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