Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Aren't relationships everything?

It really is who you they like you, how they view you and how you view them, like them........who you trust, who embodies the things you value and treasure........who supports your vision. Who can get you somewhere.....who can do something for you.....emotionally, financially, career know the drill.
Relationships.......we all have them or we seek them. Invaluable to the majority of us.....and well, the rest may just be psychopaths.....ummm...I guess politically correct is sociopathic personality disorder.....

The sharing of interests, beliefs and common behaviors is one of the features of community and relationships. Participation with a community of people who are interested in supporting each other in a common goal or effort brings people together.

This is what we hope to achieve when we form an organization to support a specific cause.......

this is what we hope to achieve with Pony Up.....

I am always humbled by the participation of volunteers and vendors who support our cause. The folks who send donations to further our efforts, the volunteers who work in the cold and wet, the folks who buy feed and give it to us.....the vendors who give us materials......the veterinarians who work for free or discount services to us.....these are our relationships, our friends, our heros........we can't do what we do without them. Relationships enable us to provide care for neglected or unwanted horses.

I had someone call today and say that they wanted to volunteer, but they had no idea what they could do..or when they could do it and she was afraid it wouldn't be enough...... I told her that we never had a shortage of manure at the matter what time of matter which day.....there is always manure to move...and even one pile moved is one pile less to be moved by someone like stop by and shovel some manure....anytime!

I love horses....I love the smell, the touch, the is joyous to share and find it in others.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Share something with a will receive a reward on Friday.

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