Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update regarding Hammy

I wrote about Hammy last week and how we chose to euthanize him to prevent any more pain or misery.

I didn't tell you that we had a necropsy done on his jaw.

I got the results back today.

Hammy had a sarcoma (tumor) of the soft tissue encompassing his mandibular joint and the facial nerve was involved. His jaw was not broken but rather forced out of place by the tumor. It was hard news to hear. now I really know that we made the right decision and felt like we should have made it sooner. We just didn't know. The prior xrays did not show the sarcoma as it was in soft tissue. Poor Hammy. To have suffered all this time.
I am comforted to know that someone did not break his jaw. It was suspected. People do mean things to horses sometimes. Horses suffer accidents in trailers and starting gates. Horses suffer accidents in stalls and paddocks.

We always wish we could just wave a magic wand....say a prayer......wish it away...but sometimes the "bad" is just there and we have to deal with it and go on.
Honestly I hate that part. I hate being the logic and sense......but you really take the good with the bad in rescue. Not for the slight of heart, not for the squeamish.....you must have a big heart and a rational mind.

Hammy, we only knew you a short time, but loved you as one of our own.....rest in peace big guy...we will see you again.


Dawn said...

I am glad you had the necropsy done Rosemary. RIP dear Hammy.

Drillrider said...

Sorry for your loss and thanks for doing the not-so-easy, but responsible thing for Hammy!