Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday and it wasn't black for me

LONG>>>>>day. I have been at the barn since 8am.....working.....a little of this, a little of that......Kim came and helped me around 11am and she stayed all day. We got a lot done......and we are tired but there is more to do tomorrow, as always. It is now after six and I am dirty, sweaty and smelly (like mud/horse/wet smell.......not totally unpleasant but still?)

We regraveled Beaver's stall, put retaining fabric down, then hogsfuel in his paddock......his little feet do not disturb the ground like the big guys......and then we put Beaver back into his paddock and now he shares a fence line with the filly....which he loves, at least right now...we will see what he thinks tomorrow. We put TarBaby back into the barn stall, which is roomier for him...he is feeling more secure about the farm and eating well, so we are hoping he will be happier in the barn with an attached run. He actually kicked his heels up today, rolled in the dirt and had a long nap in the sun. I think he feels really happy.

We also dug a ditch, put a gate up, went to the feed store, went to the hardware store, got diesel for the tractor and this morning I got all the gravel spread in the driveway so that we can park easily. The driveway is now level lumps or bumps......I am becoming a great tractor driver and all around good grader of gravel.

We also went and met the potential adoptive folks who are interested in Yukon.....they liked him fine and are coming back tomorrow to see him again. Keep your fingers crossed........they were very nice folks...we liked them a lot.

Tomorrow, we will gravel another paddock for Sully to come home to and also gravel a bit more in TarBaby's area........then we should be good for winter! We got two loads of gravel delivered today.....and I have to say it.......Morrison Gravel ROCKS! Their drivers are the best......they can back those dumptrucks anywhere and the guys always shut gates behind them.

We will also lengthen some roof lines, install a light fixture in a loafing shed out back and turn some horses out for some exercise in the arena. Ryan is coming to help and is bringing us some metal roofing.

The shoer comes tomorrow. We found some really bad lateral cracks in Vinnie's may be the reason he is not still racing. We will see what we can do for him. He is feeling much better and acting much more like a 5 year old OTTB. He raced around his paddock like a madman today.......sweating and screaming and bucking. We took his blanket off for a while to see how his weight was and he promptly filthy dirty........and oh, by the way, his weight is good....he has gained some and has filled out.........he has a beautiful body. Nice short back, big hip....good shoulder. What else would you expect from a son of Giant's Causeway?

Sunday we will go and get Sully.

As usual we are always busy and planning for future projects. We need to replace the arena fencing or get it fixed properly.......we need better footing for the arena and we need more exterior lighting. The chores never end.

The day was beautiful today, no rain, blue sky and the horses enjoyed some sun. It was so nice to not have to work in the rain. I felt entirely less grumpy today......maybe because of the weather, maybe because I got to work all day and get a lot of things crossed off my ever growing list of "things to do".

I hope your Thanksgiving was good. Ours was quiet and uneventful.

The Appy/Draft cross gelding perhaps has a place to land. We will help with whatever we can......hauling or help in finding temporary board.......if you have a cheap place where he can be boarded for a few us. The gal who is interested in him cannot take him for a few weeks. We have no room to help with this......not even with a shoe horn.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Reflect on where you have been and think about where you are going.

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