Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday morning is still raining and it is COLD. I am not motivated to leave the house except that I know what would happen.
I will get going a little early to check on our new visitor. Yesterday we sent Yukon to a local barn where he can get some exercise and love from a couple of young return we brought back TarBaby. TarBaby is an old Tb who has spent the last five years at the stable. Six months ago his owner never came back and left no word as to what her intent was. TarBaby got no visitors, no carrots, no groomings, no pets except for the infrequent kindness of passersby.
Fortunately for him, the stable owner is a kind woman, who continued to feed and shoe him with her own money. TarBaby is not rideable. We were approached to take him, but as we have been saying, we are full and have no empty stalls........but we did have a ridable horse who could be half leased and at least bring in some income for the barn.....and in place, we took TarBaby.

When I brought him home yesterday, he had to go into the barn, into the last stall and so he had to walk through the kangaroo court. First Church who wanted to take a big bite of him and then Winston who just wanted to touch him once or twice......then past hay storage, then a couple of chickens scattered past him and that was scary. Then to his room with a small turnout......he has not had a turnout on his stall for years..........he was not sure what to do......he went out and stood in the rain and stood there for several hours. I had to coax him back into the stall to eat.

I hope when we see him this morning, he is more settled......he was not too interested in eating last night. We are trying to find a foster home where he can actually have pasture for a while and really stretch his legs. Poor old guy. He has big ankles and a stiff gait and his tongue slightly protrudes from his mouth. He has a fresh clean blanket on ......and he will get plenty of love and treats here.

off to do my chores.......errands and a million other things........I have a list.

I have to go to Strohs, the Humane Society, Costco, the a couple of friends to gather auction Cenex........I have to dig a small ditch, fix a roofline which leaks a little..........strip the pony stall........change some feed bins around.....and Kim and her mom are bringing the chicken coop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more chickens in the barn. The chickens were ALL in the barn last night and had to be bodily removed. The peacock was on TOP of the barn...and I really suppose he is not leaving....sigh....I never wanted a peacock.

more later..........enjoy your brisk and blustery day!

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