Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday Monday.

I am writing about Monday on Tuesday because I am late and up a little early.
Well, let's see.....

Max is still feeling good.....huge sigh of relief. The peacock is still with us and no sign of being unhappy and moving on. I am thinking of redoing the rescue sign to include "peacocks". It didn't rain yesterday...and we got some construction work done in the barn, courtesy of Cherri........we now don't have to fool with a gate that was hard to work and Beaver's house is more winterproofed. Kim has a new system down for turning horses out and so now, everyone can have a turn in the arena. The filly got to go out and Kim reports that she had a blast!

Yesterday evening, after the work was done.......we drank some of our best barn wine and talked about the upcoming fundraiser. Great ideas all around. Want to help? email us. Want to donate? email us. Want to attend? you know the drill!

We have another new volunteer who has pledged nine hours a week. This is a great help to us....help with stall cleaning, water trough cleaning, barn sweeping.......perfect timing.

We continue to find creative ways to fundraise and have begun to market Pony Up Pastries for Equines.......there is a fresh variety and a crunchier,longer lasting variety.....but if you are like me, no need to worry about shelf life because I feed them all to the horses in about ten minutes. I am a complete pushover for begging lips.

Yesterday, the radio played McArthur Park.....I never did get that song....did you?

Off to the barn for chores......then to work......enjoy your day.

Pony Up Fortune for today.........

All that glitters is not gold......but sometimes real gold can be found if you prospect in the right places.

enjoy your day!

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