Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday and our four day weekend ends too soon

Up early to the barn, clean stalls, paddocks, back to the house, shower, clean clothes......back to the barn, meet Kim and off to get Sully. We stop for coffee and off we go.
Sully is happy to see us and loads right worries. He is a very trusting boy and we are glad to have him back with us. He is happy to be home. No screaming, no pacing, he settles right in.
He is very interested in Vinnie and Vinnie is interested in him. We are glad for hot wire or I think Vinnie would have come visiting.
We get everyone settled in and fed........then we go and grab some Mexican food and talk about our day and what the week will bring.
We talk about fundraising, expenses......volunteering and how we miss the barn cat.
We have some unique opportunities to pursue. Some things that could help us out financially and logistically. Just a matter of getting the time to do it and planning it out.
Tax time is coming and so are license renewals and property taxes.....and insurance.
OH boy.
The farm truck needs work.....four wheel drive and all the other things that need to be done at 60 thousand miles. I am no I am at the mercy of others who know more than I do.
We need lights outside at the loafing sheds too.......this is a priority because it is so dark when we feed the pm feeding and plus, you should try to out manuever Beaver with a feed bucket....!
He is determined to have whatever you are carrying.
Today he almost got the peacock too......he hates him and he does not want him in his paddock...the peacock just seems to drift around from paddock to paddock......most of the horses ignore him, but a couple......HATE him.
Work tomorrow......I hate to think of it....we were getting so much done with four days off.

Next Saturday we take Sully in the Banner Forest for a trail ride. We are excited and we hope it is not raining, although we plan to go rain or shine...we might take Max if the weather cooperates.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow.......

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