Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday.....ever have one of those days?

I got up EARLY.....drove to the barn, listened to Pink Floyd sing "Another Brick in the Wall" and so my day started.
My routine is slightly out of order because we have an extra horse and I always seem to fumble around while I am preparing the hot meals and this will last a couple of days until I have everything back in order. I am a creature of habit and routine.
Did I mention that I am a symmetrically obessessed? I cannot stand it if things are not even....evenly spaced, an even height.......even drives me crazy. Just an idiosyncrasy I suppose ........but I will spend a lot of time getting things to looks symmetrical.
My favorite number is 8. Go figure. 8 is a perfect specimen every way. It is balanced on top and bottom, it is evenly divisible by half or cannot go wrong with 8.
ummmmmm, I can't go wrong with 8.
It was a long day at work........short handed, grumpy contractors.....ringing phones........I was glad to go to lunch and have a walk and take a breath.
I went to the feed store on the way home, bought pellets, more beet pulp and grain........they are eating like a cloud of locusts.
No volunteers tonight , so I am on for the pm feeding and I turn the Christmas music get my mind off of my less than stellar work day.... Winston is not having any of the Christmas music waiting period ........he wants his grub in a tub NOW! He kicks and then lunges against his door...... of course I feed him first. I am reinforcing his behavior...I know........I know.......but still, I cannot have the barn kicked down. Sully gives a low and quiet whicker.......he wants his too, but he is at least mannerly......then TarBaby gives a deep in the chest whinny.........calling for his 85 lbs of grub.........he gets a huge portion because he does not eat much hay. We will make an appointment for him to get his teeth done for Friday...... he seems happy and somedays that is enough to make me happy. That is why we are here. Funny what can make you happy, huh? Not money, not glamour.........but a horse who eats and is perky and who calls out to you when you arrive.
I tried some of the compressed bales of timothy and I must say I hate it. I suppose it could work if you weighed the hay each time, but who has time for that? It is easier to load/unload, probably easier to store.......but has a lot of chafe in it and we are slowly making chafe bedding in stalls because no one will eat it.........except for Sully. I also think it has a lot of dust in it.
We are still working on a home for 451.......the Appy/draft horse. We have had some inquiries and we send them on to the folks who have 451. We pray he gets a great, long term home....and we wish we had more info on where he came from and his likes/dislikes/issues.
It is always such a high price to pay.........a horse who is sent to auction because of his owners issues.........and everyone assumes it is the horse's fault ...somehow, some way.......very sad. Folks should leave a note, a could save a life.

I was dreaming last night and I dreamt that euthanasia should never exceed a price tag of 25 dollars. There should be legislation. People get down on their luck and cannot afford 500 dollars to euthanize old Dobbin....and instead of old Dobbin getting a quiet, dignified death........his people are forced to take him to the auction. It really is dispicable. I hate it.
We should all hate it. A horse who is old, ill or infirm should be able to leave this life with his head being stroked by a person who has loved them.

Off my soap box for tonight......or I could ramble on and on.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow.

Respect is earned, honor is learned ...........eyes wide open.

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