Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day......Thursday

Pictures of the beautiful Breeze.......from late summer (photos by Kim)

I was grumpy yesterday.....tired and ready for some time off. I slept in this morning until 7, then got up with the dogs, made the coffee and off to the barn. I was still a little grumpy and glad to be by myself for a little exercise and quiet. Who needs the gym? All I really need now is some aerobic exercise and I could probably be Ms. Fitness.

I fed everyone, then started cleaning stalls and paddocks........patched a hole in a leaky roof, extended a roof line a little to keep the rain out.......took TarBaby's blanket off because he was too warm........and raked up loose hay.......voila, now it is four hours later and I am done.

Everyone is clean and dry and I can rest.

I think about Thanksgiving and I think about things we should be grateful and friends, jobs in a tough economy and plenty to eat.

I also think about the things we take for granted and how selfish we are sometimes....yes, me included.......I am not just talking about others. Sometimes it is all about me and I must check my ego at the door, keep my mouth shut.......swallow hard......

So just for today why don't you and I ..........

Swallow our pride.

Show some enthusiasm for someone else's project.

Agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Give a helping hand when no one is expecting it.

Buy the guy in line behind you coffee.

Hug your grandma as tight as you can.

Listen to your child explain something......all the way.

Visit someone in a nursing home who doesn't have family.

Plan to drop your old clothes off at the women's shelter.

Hold your tongue when tempted to say something sharp.

Try the new dish your sister in law brought and RAVE about it.

Understand that everyone is carrying a burden of some sort.

Let your mom give you advice and say thank you.

Don't drink too much.

Be polite.

Smile a lot.

Turn the football off and watch an old movie.

Think about how lucky you are.

Say grace with meaning.

Please enjoy your day with your family and safe and sane and THANKFUL!

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow:

Happiness is just a phone call away.


Denali said...

What a pretty girl!! What is her registered name?

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

Her name is Bonnie Weather. We call her Breeze.

Denali said...

That was the name I voted for :)