Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday is wonderful

Cold this morning......alllllllllllmmmmmmooooossssstttt freezing but not quite. Brisk enough that I left my fleece pullover on and had really cold hands for a while. Maybe I will learn to wear gloves? hmm.

Vinnie is glad to see me and waiting for me at the gate. I see that he had a nap in his stall. I am glad he feels comfortable enough to lay down. His appetite is still good and he has finished all his hay. He still smells......needs a bath really badly but of course it is too cold. We have plenty of time.

On the way to work.......on the oldies station I listen to Blondie's "Call Me".......

Kim calls me at noon and says she is going to start on the gravel project and do I mind if she uses the tractor? DO I MIND?????????? ummmm......NO MAAM...I welcome your use of the tractor and the help! Use the tractor anytime....and let me buy you Mexican lunch in payment!

So I must report that indeed Kim used the tractor and did a fantastic job with paddock one. It is mostly finished thanks to her! WOW. It is SO nice to have someone who is handy and willing and who will do a job with the same result as I would want or do myself. Thank you Kim! You definitely rock! One more mudfree paddock bites the dust....and hopefully we can finish up on Saturday and voila....we may be done?

Friday we have a reporter coming to the, a small story about the fundraiser..........we will be stars of the Harbor! Okay...maybe not stars...maybe a star attraction?

The filly loves her new paddock.......we are glad we moved her.....she stands in the stall while it rains rather than outside which makes us really happy. I hate to see a horse standing in the rain when they have shelter.

We always have more projects.....hogsfuel in Beavers paddock to keep his pony feet out of the mud, more gravel under his mats and to put more mats down in the newest shed that we recently built. Have you ever moved wet, muddy mats? No easy feat.

sooooooooo, that winds up another day. Progress was made.....things got done.
Yippee kai yay.

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow:

Pony Up for something you love.....

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Drillrider said...

Yup---moved heavy muddy mats. I feel for ya!