Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday.....the tractor is coming!

Up early.....lots to do and I will have a long day. The dogs get their teeth cleaned today and I will have to drive all the way to Tacoma to pick them up after five.
We were at the barn after dark and we didn't get the paddocks cleaned like they should have been.....which means I must use extra elbow grease this morning. Yukon is a stall pig.
The chickens did not roost in the barn last evening .......hmmm.....wonder why? They went to bed in the old coop without force.
The peacock was on top of the barn by the mast, tucked in for the night. Strange place to sleep.No sign of him packing his bags either.

I have to make arrangements for the tractor delivery tomorrow! YAY! It will be so helpful to finally have our own tractor. We can move manure piles and rake the arena....move gravel (my personal favorite)........what a relief!

Lots of local folks working on auction horses and rehoming them. I applaud the efforts........for those making room or buying.........please just make sure your heart is not bigger than your checkbook. Have the proper space, room and an adequate budget for what you bring home....if you don't have any extra money are sure to not have any later. Vet bills are expensive and sooner or later, we all have vet bills. Although hay prices have come down, grain is still up there and not likely to decrease. Good luck to you and your new horse. Be prepared for behavior issues which may need to be addressed......not all auction horses have issues....but some are bound to.......just like when we take in a rescue horse.. you get the good with the less than stellar.

We are building a new shed and a chicken coop this weekend....want to help? Come on over. We love to build.

The filly's paddock will be graveled this weekend too....and that will be a relief. I get much anxiety about muddy paddocks. The filly is good, by the love bug. Loves for her ears and face to be scratched, good for her blanket to come on and off......loves her next door horse friend Church.

Okay I better get going..........enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for today:

Practice makes perfect.

Updated to include Thursday evening. I picked the dogs up.....Carlman got two teeth pulled...ouch! It is a raging wind storm out there right now. Our generator has been on and off......pouring rain........funny explosions in the distance......probably transformers.....I hope the peacock is safe and not trying to hold onto the top of the barn.

Tomorrow....a lot of work again......I hope it won't pour down with rain and more wind....makes working very hard.

I hope everyone is safe and sound out there tonight!

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