Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday.......all day long again.

Slept in a little.....drove down to the barn, listening to the Bee Gee's sing Night Fever and Kelsey was already there waiting for me.....soon to follow was Kim, then Mary and then Ryan.....and so the day began. We got a huge amount of work done.
Roofs lengthened, Beaver got new mats, we graveled a roadway/paddock for Sully to come home to, cleaned paddocks, cleaned the barn horses fed, got a couple groomed......and got some hay moved.
I am just now home and it has been another long day.......muscles ache......and I am cold. The weather was not nearly as nice today as it was yesterday, but at least it did not pour rain........although it was windy and cool.
We have a little more hogfuel to move along a paddock and some fencing to fix, some painting to do and ahhhhhhhh, then maybe we can take a breath.
We will pick up Sully tomorrow and bring him home....then move some hogsfuel and make sure that everyone is getting along.
Beaver and the filly are holding their own. He sort of likes her...she sort of likes him.
Vinnie got his feet done today and he had some bad abcesses in his hind feet......the cracks are results of the abcesses.....we pulled his shoes and he is good to go. He was not happy with his food this morning and we soon found him begging at the gate for something else. We held out and he finally decided to eat what he was served.
TarBaby is feeling good and is happy in the barn stall........he is eating good too. What a relief it must be to be outside and to be able to move around.
Ollie and Max did not like the roofing noises and so we turned them out in the arena while we worked... I found that one of them has kicked through the new plywood.....well, I guess boys will be boys...and I should have used thicker plywood. When we first put them together Max was the underdog, but he now has the upper hand and he rules the roost...but they play together nicely.
I had to bodily put the chickens into the coop tonight, they are sure that they want to roost in the barn like the good old days........and so I take them one by one and put them to bed.
The tractor has turned out to be a godsend....I am glad I spent the money.........we moved manure piles today and hauled gravel........such a time saver.

anyway, dinner calls, and I am hungry.

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow...........

Be watchful and wary of sure things.

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