Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday....has it stopped raining?

Non stop rain and wind........wind and rain.
The peacock is out with no shelter. He is welcome in the barn but he is not interested. Don't these birds flock together like chickens?

I think my hair has been wet all day. I was soaked from feeding this morning ..but pleased to find that all the shelters are dry and holding. Gravel is holding too. I heard it is supposed to rain until November 25th? Could that be right? I better buy a boat.

I said I was going to quit reading Craigslist and I didn't. I have anxiety for several horses who are at risk. Tb's and mustangs.......not horses for everyone......when I see them for under 300 dollars I worry.

Sadly....we have no room at the inn.. we are hock to hock and all rooms are filled until further notice.....we need a couple of foster homes and a couple of adoptions. Life would be grand then...but we are careful with placing our treasure. Sully is not adopted yet but is a prime candidate for a new home....he is brave and confident. When he comes home we are making a trail horse out of to the Banner forest we go and we will take Max too or perhaps Yukon.

Our next project is still involving gravel.......and we need to straighten the arena fence.....and of course we have the fundraiser......we are looking forward to that! I imagine as the winter goes on, the projects will stack up and we will get them done as we can/when we can. It seems like a long time before spring and even longer before summer. Oh to have dry paddocks and dust again.

If you are mulling over coming to the fundraiser......mull no more........we have lots of good stuff........great food, good company.........fantastic music!
Come see us!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow.

Sometimes just a smile will suffice.

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