Friday, November 6, 2009's lightning and rain...oh my

Sporadic power (thank goodness for a generator) and HARD rain, blue flashes of lightning.....wind, broken trees and limbs scattered everywhere.......
On my way to the barn to check everyone out.........
Wish me luck!

All is well, although all is also wet......but fences are up, peacock survived, horses are good...everyone is fed, stalls are cleaned and time to get on with my day.
A hot shower, a good cup of coffee, a list of things to do, places to go and people to see.

Our warmblood mare will be euthanized today. Sad...very sad. Please say a prayer for her. The colt is doing better, even played a bit and is eating like a...well, like a horse...which is GOOD in our book.

Tomorrow we build and then we go to pick up a gelding who needs some help. I will give all the details later, but the gist of the situation is that this horse sold as a yearling for 50,000 dollars. He has bloodlines to kill for. How he almost ended up on a slaughter truck and was last minute purchased for 200 dollars is beyond my comprehension. He is thin and has some serious scar tissue on his ankles. We will see what we can do for him.

Sully has the flu......the vet sees him today and will prescribe some medication. He was vaccinated for flu,...but he seems to have caught it anyway. That is what happens sometimes in a big barn with horses coming and going. He should be fine.

I am off to start my day.......enjoy yours!

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Dawn said...

Sully was in good spirits Thursday when I saw him and ate his carrot with gusto. I bet he is back in training soon.