Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday........we get wet...really wet

I slept in a little, did my usual routine, drove to the barn listening to Freddy Mercury sing "Boehemian Rhapsody" that like the longest song on earth?

I get to the barn and Kim is already there. She cleans stalls and I feed breakfast. It is raining ....HARD. We look at each other and know that we must build a shed today. The wind is blowing. We put hats on....and look at each other again....let's go she says.

I had gone to Lowes on Friday afternoon and purchased some lumber.....or shall I say some more lumber. So we begin. Did I mention it is pouring? The nails are crummy and we bend several. We don't have a level....I say "well, we didn't have a level with the other sheds either and they are okay>" and then we laugh and keep going.

Ryan shows up and gets his rain gear on and he installs the roof supports. Then it is decided that we need more lumber, so off I go to Lowes for plywood, 2x6's and a few odds and ends.
When I come back Jan has joined us. We unload the truck and get going again.....Jan remarks that we are not plumb....and we laugh again and just cut to fit. Our dear carpenter helper...., I hope you are not reading this......seriously we are not in this for looks but for function! and they are ALL dry. Ryan we were so glad to have you with us, sorry the weather was so lousy......and Jan, thanks as well for your help and the yummy apples...and both of your senses of humor. Kim, you rock as usual.....hard worker, not afraid of the rain.....and a great attitude!

By 1pm we are beat....all of us.....we have a roof and two sides done. Yesterday we had placed the gravel for the stall floor, so at least that is done.

Having this shed done means that we can bunk Ollie and Max together, the filly will be moved to Ollie's old area and the new guy (gee,he doesn't have a name yet) will go to the filly's. The filly hates her Noble shed....too noisy I suspect and not a good viewing point. She is certain we have werewolves in the woods.

It is so nice to have the tractor and we can now finish the gravel paths in the paddocks and the entry ways to the paddocks. Jason, thank you so much for your help in fixing up the tractor. Jason says all tractors are girls and so it must have a girls name....HUH?

Today Kim and I go to get the new guy. I will update the blog as I know the details. We were supposed to get him yesterday but the folks changed their minds to today and it actually gave us more time to fix sheds. Looks like another rainy day with plenty to do.

We had a rat in the barn. I might point out that we have two cats as well. They were actually in the barn when the rat was but only had interest for a minute or two, then made their way to my mom's house for a nap in front of the fireplace. I may have to turn a Jack Russell loose to get the job done.

Kim and her mom are building a chicken coop for our wayway flock. To keep them safe and dry and OUT of our barn. They are cute, but messy. Our chicks are mostly grown, some are big and some are small. I got some cute pictures of them roosting in the barn.......I will try to post them tonight and maybe some pictures of the new guy too.

I have to go to the feed store for stall pellets, senior grain, beet pulp and a grain feeder, then off to fetch the new guy. Wish us luck!

more later.....enjoy your blustery day.

Pony Up Fortune for today.
Your eyes wide open, you see everything

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Dawn said...

cannot wait to hear about the new guy!