Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday and my week is over

Yes, I was late again this morning. I slept like a log....and drug my pathetic sleepy self around like a zombie this morning.
And where did I get all that laundry to fold? It looks like we have a family of 12 living here.
Finally off to the barn, listening to Billy Joel sing "Don't Go Changing".....he still rocks.

Up at the barn and I am scolded by hungry horses. It is misty outside and I can tell it will be clear for a while this morning. Birds are singing like it is spring time...crows calling to each other while they forage the lower pasture. I love crows. I can never figure out why folks hate them. They are so smart and wiley.

Vinnie trashed his stall last night. Oh well. I scrape his stall out and rake the piles off of his new gravel. Then I go back to the barn and Yukon slimes my shoulder with his mush......nice..yeah, that will be nice for work. I should have brought another tee shirt. The guys are used to seeing me with assorted horse type treasure attached to my coat,

Off to work for the day.

On the way home I stop at the feed store....senior feed and stall pellets. I live to buy stall pellets.....I swear.

Stop by the barn and I find Kim and Devon......who tell me that another volunteer was here today and brought her dog........and let him run loose. He killed one of my chickens. I am sad and disappointed that someone would bring their dog and let it kill one of my animals. We have a no dog policy at the farm. I don't even bring my own dogs. I am protective of my horses, my chickens, my cats and my mom's small dogs......I don't like dogs in with the horses. I cannot have dogs or a dog running loose. The best place for YOUR dog is at YOUR home or safe in YOUR car or truck.

Tomorrow I meet with the county and with a reporter who will do a small story on us.
Of course I also have errands to run and chores to do....horses to move around as well.

I see so many free horses on is an awful state we seem to be in. Unwanted horses everywhere...not enough homes....not enough money. We must get through it and do the best we can do with what we have. Our horses are fortunate. I am fortunate too and must remember to count my blessings when I feel overwhelmed.

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow:

The surprise of your life happens when you least expect it.

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jrosey said...

Aw man...sorry to hear about your chicken. Disrespectful dog people just tweak my melon. In fact, I just did a post on it myself tonight. Good luck with the story!