Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday...another week gone by

Thursday already.
Time keeps on ticking.
There is a lot to appointments for tomorrow and the shoer is coming and horses must be switched around......I must pick up auction items and go to the Humane Society, then up to a training barn........and I must make arrangements for Sully to come home. I really should wash my truck and maybe empty some of the ten thousand items out of the inside of it.

The constant rain is making our chores hard and lengthy.......Lauren and I cleaned by flashlight last night (now that is dedication, isn't it?)
There is water everywhere.....puddles, pools, leaks......oh, I am very weary of the rain today.
Why don't I have an indoor arena? I guess nothing that 100 grand couldn't give me,huh? Just waiting for it to fall from the sky. Where is Bill Gates when you need him?

Today is the last day of my "real job" work week. Long day, no lunch ...but I come home to the farm and see that my volunteers have cleaned, watered and fed. All I have to do is put cats to bed.........what a treat! Thank you.

We had a small article in the paper today, about us and what we do and why we do it. They didn't mention mental health or counseling or anything?! It was a nice article and they showed a picture of one of our "adopted" residents ...Rio. Rio currently lives with the Stiffey family and is very much adopted!

We have two horses outside of our facility who need homes.......they need homes soon. One is free but you must have adequate facilities and knowledge........the other has a small is a mare and one is a gelding.......the mare is a race horse........the gelding is an all around trail horse who has found himself in less than stellar circumstances. If you might be us. The filly is young........the gelding is 12ish.....and the gelding is Appaloosa......trail horse deluxe.
We have NO room...literally. We need foster homes and I said before, our hands are tied until then. Or simply adopt one of the lovely horses that we currently have for adoption!
Help us to help other horses. You might fall in love with your foster horse and that is okay with us! Horses who could go to foster include: Sully, Yukon, Breeze, Vinnie..........or maybe little Beaver, although I admit he is a handful and rebellious but very cute!

Our expenses hit the roof in winter.......lots of stall bedding, blankets, extra hay fed, extra grain fed......and our personal favorite >>>GRAVEL and other mud management. Somedays it feels like we are behind the eight ball but we keep plugging away. We typically feed two tons of hay per month and about 4/5 bags of grain per week, plus rice bran, black sunflower seeds and some oats. Throw in shoeing expenses, gets spendy. We hope to create some income from our fundraiser and a future garage sale and by selling Pony Up Pastries for Equines...
if you want to order some.......send us 5 dollars........we will even mail them as a gift to another equine lover.......perfect way to say you were thinking about their horse!

anyway, I am out of gas for the day......writing myself notes for tomorrow.......and anxious for the weekend fundraiser.
Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

don't take NO for an answer......not today.

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