Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday morning

Pony Up artwork by Jesse Link
My little chicken family roosting in the rafters of the Pony Up barn.......ready for bed.

I get to sleep in until 7, but I get up with the dogs at 5 because they don't understand the sleeping in thing and they need to go okay,okay...I get up and stay up for half an hour ...then try to go back to sleep. Wrong.

So I shower, fix coffee, hit the road to the barn. Listen to the Go Go's sing "We Got the Beat". If that doesn't get me going, well....nothing will.

It is windy and the horses are nervous Nellies.....flitting in and out of stalls, kicking walls as they spin and bolt. I throw hay and expect calm.....but NOOOOO. In and out, screaming and kicking. Winston takes down a strand of hot wire. Okay, I cave in and give them their grain. Now all is well.....I hear the wind and the slurping of wet grain. Yukon slops his all over the wall,the feeder, his face and then he licks everything down.....such a piggy.

The filly is dry and I can see she has been using her shed like we hoped she would...but I give her the grain and she starts to eat it and also starts kicking the wall behind her. I silently tell myself that I am glad I put those really thick
2x12s on the wall. She is not going to kick through those.

I start cleaning paddocks and pull my coat off....this is bicep building work....I move from paddock to paddock....and then suddenly I am cold to the bone.

I have to run to the Southworth Ferry to meet an artist who has donated work to us...
Jesse.....who hand delivers a huge painting....of a horse.......I LOVE IT... are talented and I am so grateful for your donation! Thank you. For the rest of better come to the Pony Up Fundraiser and bid on it......before I do!!!

I am now home for a bit, to warm up and put the painting in a safe place.....then back to the barn. I am going to use the tractor and see if I can do as good of a job as Kim......
Well, I guess I have to go to Lowes first and get some plywood for tomorrow, so we can finish the shed up top. We also have mats to move...I can't do that by myself any longer..for reasons I won't say.

I am still cold. Hot coffee to go

Vinnie is still running a small temperature, although he is perky and has a good appetite. He may have a bug from the auction. He has a deep throaty whinny......and he calls to me each time he sees me.

okay, well time is wasting. Off to Lowes then back to the barn. Mary is coming to help around 1 pm.....hmmm...maybe she wants to move mats with me????

Ryan is coming tomorrow to help on the last of the construction. He can drive the tractor too. It's a party, that is for sure. I hope it clears off for at least several hours so we don't get so wet.

more later.

Okay, here is more later.......

I worked on gravel all day. Of course I had the tractor.....took me a while to get a routine down and going...but I got the last paddock pretty well graveled! I want to put some more to top it off in the morning....but PROGRESS...sweet progress.

Mary came by this afternoon and she cleaned paddocks and then groomed Vinnie who adored the beauty treatment> I kept looking over there and he was half asleep and so loving the good grooming. Mary ..thank are such a sweet and kind person...the horses love you.

The afternoon was over before I was really ready for it to be done....but tomorrow we should get a lot done and maybe I will feel like we can rest a while? We have really worked hard over the last few months, haven't we?

I got lumber at Lowes today and of course there was NO ONE to be found to do any loading, so not only did I load my own stuff inside, I loaded it outside too......plywood, 2x6 boards and some metal roofing. The last three times I have been one is available to help.....umm...they are probably watering plants or staging the Christmas decorations....I swear.

anyway, I posted pictures of the wonderful painting that Jesse Link donated for our auction and also a picture of my precious little banties....

enjoy your evening!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow.

Something good comes your way early in the day.

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