Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post Script Saturday

Kim and her mother built a chicken coop for us........and it is fabulous! We worked all day at Pony Up putting it together and is finished! Roofed and has a for all our precious chickens and it is insulated! A virtual chicken paradise....thank you Kim and mom!

We worked from 8 until 4.........Kelsey and I cleaned in the morning,and then I practiced spreading gravel with the tractor up the driveway and around the barn. Let me just say that I am not yet an accomplished tractor/gravel spreader. ...although I have managed now to pick up full buckets of gravel without digging the whole driveway up.

We are tired.

Here it is Sunday morning and I have lots to do before our event tonight.

It is pouring rain and cold. One of those days when you think about waking up in tropical Hawaii in your fancy hotel room ....birds singing and a sweet breeze flowing in the window.....
I guess I will dream isn't happening today.

I guess I will just spray some horse linament on my shoulder and neck, pull my Carhart on and go get it done. I will pray for no roof leaks or major flooding........

more later!

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