Sunday, November 22, 2009


Slept in a little, got up, fed dogs, let dogs out, listened to cats complain about new cat food....drank coffee, Craigslist. (I keep saying I am not going to do that) some email and I see that the filly we were trying to place got placed! YAY!!! Another reputable rescue will take her and we are glad! That leaves us with trying to help the Appy gelding...and so we are putting the word out and keeping our fingers crossed that he can get a home before the auction.

but I digress.......I finally did get my butt going and I got in the truck and started driving to the barn. I listened to Elton John sing Blue Eyes and I was thinking about how I was really hoping Felice the barn cat would be at the barn when I got there. She was absent when I put barn cats to bed, and although I called her for an hour and then went back later.........she wasn't there. She had been around all day while we were building....but just sort of disappeared. Anyway, I got to the barn and she was not there. I was sad. I think coyotes probably got her. I called again this morning and checked every nook and Felice. I have probably posted pictures of her and white tuxedo girl kitty........very sweet and so soft. We are going to miss her.

I fed horses and worked on cleaning paddocks and stalls for three hours..stalls were messy due to nonstop rain last night (don't get me started on that).....then headed home about 11:15, showered and ate lunch, then went to Costco and ran some other errands. Got home, went back to barn, fed dinner, filled waters.......went back home and changed clothes for the Pony Up Fundraiser.

What an evening.......we had a good time, good food and a great turn out. I think people didn't recognize me without dirt or hay stuck in my hair.
A huge thank you to all who participated.......
C..., who donated her time, who donated her cooking skills and great food, as well as her restaurant and who also attended to a million other details.........THANK YOU! Thanks to all of the folks and business' who donated items.......we couldn't do it without you and thanks to all the folks who attended! I hope you had a good time. Also thank you to my volunteers who helped set up and organize.........I am very pleased with our turn out and also that we had some fun. It was very nice to meet new folks!
More thanks to:
Strohs, as always, thank you for your support and efforts!
Peninsula Equine Services, Dr. Julie Page
Mt. Rainier Equine Veterinary Services, Dr. Bob DeWard
Collins Chiropractic
Sandy Green, original artwork
Horses For Clean Water, Alayne Blickle
Cedar Hill Training, Crystal Hornbuckle-Baker
Sound Equine Farrier
Stiffey Family
Jo Meintz
Kathleen Moroney
Elaine Davis Photography
Dawns Photography
Winter Lakes Farm
Liz Howgate
John and Dianne Green
Lucky Dog Outfitters
Kristi Anderson
Education Stained Glass Studio
Koi’s Bistro
Sul Mare Salon and Spa
Ellen Mosier, Pearl Moon Equine Massage and Reiki
Darlene Piper
Elizabeth Clark, Equine Rhythm Beads

Jesse Link, original artwork (

I am sure I have missed a few.......but I will get you tomorrow......I am tired. I stopped at the barn on my way home to make sure Felice wasn't there (she wasn't) and to make sure the chickens were in their proper beds.
I have let the dogs out, put them in bed and now off I go!
I shall be asleep in like 45 seconds.
Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

A sincere smile will make someones day better..........practice yours on a stranger.

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