Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday and we have TORRENTS

I got up earlier and was only a little late......must be the time change.....I don't know...I can't seem to get myself in gear any faster.

I get to the barn and Vinnie is waiting. He whinnies softly, waiting at the gate. I cannot go to him first due to quarantine protocal.....but I call to him and tell him I am coming.

I feed the rest, clean stalls, pick paddocks......and then take care of Vinnie. He has not left his stall. He has eaten all of the mountain of hay I have given him and he is anxious for grain. Of course he is. I feel under his blanket to check his temperature and give him a look over.......his hind legs are swollen with a little heat. I give him some bute in his grain. He doesn't have a temp but he does have a little cough. He is much more alert this morning.

I put extra food out for the chickens and our peacock........umm.yes, he is STILL here and I think he means to stay. He sleeps on the roof every night now and eats with the chickens in the morning. I must say that he is not much of a problem. He does chase the cats.

We have two mountains of gravel waiting and calling my name. HUGE piles which will be utilized to take care of the last of our mud issues. Mud makes me want to move to Arizona or California......it never rains in California, does it?

I drive to work and the radio plays Blood,Sweat and Tear's "Spinning Wheel". I used to listen to that on the bus in the 7th grade. It still is a good song I think. I am getting to be a geezer I guess.

We had a new volunteer today...Stephanie.....who worked for two hours cleaning buckets and mucking paddocks......thank you for your hard work and welcome to Pony UP!

I came back to the farm this evening to give a final check on everyone. Vinnie was at the gate again....waiting. I check on my mother, put the cats to bed, shut the chicken doors, check stall gates.....close the barn and go to see Vinnie. I take a small flashlight, the kind that is barely three inches long and is an LED light.....small and compact....Vinnie is fascinated with it and playfully tries to take it from me. I let him mouth it a couple of times, then move it away and scratch him under his jaw. He moves into me and leans his head against my chest and gives a low and soft nicker. My heart melts..I get a lump in my throat...I think to myself and wonder why a horse who has been through hell is still willing to trust a human? No contest for me........I already love Vinnie and make a promise to keep him safe from what ever demons have been chasing him. This is a nice horse with a kind disposition....like a million others except that this one found his way to me or I found my way to him or the stars and the moon lined up .....something happened.
Kismet....serendipitous........you tell me how it works.....I really don't know.

Somedays, no matter how bad, are made better by simple things.....

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow:

Stand up for something or fall for anything.

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