Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy Saturday ahead

Tried to sleep in a little.......too much on my mind. I have many things to do today.......the fun never stops around here....always something to do. The manure pile needs turning, stalls need more bedding, paddocks will need to be picked. Pick the trailer up, pick Tar Baby up.......
oh and get ready for the Christmas party.

Max needs his stitches out, the filly needs a haircut, Beaver needs his wooly jammies combed.......and Jake, poor Jake needs a gentle bathing........his mane and tail are ratty and strawlike and his coat is lumpy, scabby and smelly. You can barely touch him because of the bones and we don't want to hurt him.

A huge thanks to Ryan, Devon and Kim.......for cleaning the last three days and for giving me Thursday night off. You are the best.

I better get moving........enjoy your day.

I totally forgot the Pony Up fortune yesterday, so here it is to start your day.

Show kindness to a stranger may be all they have.

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