Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday is just another Tuesday

Cold again......hot water/grain mashes....lots of liquid, extra hay. At least it is dry outside. Hoses frozen, but the spicket in the barn works. I carry some hot water, make some hot water and it all works out. It looks just like summer with a frozen element.

I am off to work, listening to Elton John sing "Benny and the Jets".......I grew up with Elton John and I still love his work. Great lyricist, great singer and fabulous piano player. I could easily just listen to him play piano. Benny and the Jets is not his greatest work but it gets you to work and has a good chorus.

sure that blankets were on snug and that everyone felt okay. I am happy to report that Max's head is doing okay...no more accidents today.

It breaks my heart to turn a horse away, but I have a responsibility to my group of refuges.....that there is enough money to feed them, shoe them and support them. When an adoption happens, another can come in. Otherwise I do a dis-service to those I have taken in. I try to be resourceful and rational, sometimes my emotions get the best of me.......sometimes it is hard to sleep.
Sometimes I hate irresponsible folks who put us in these positions and I really hate folks who just turn their heads to animals who are suffering.

Hate is a strong word.
Hating is a lot of work.
Hate is a four letter word........
It is an awful word.
We use it so casually.
I hate this.......I hate that........
we are told to grind it down.......we shouldn't "hate" anything.......saying it is almost like swearing.....we should substitute "dislike".
How diminuative.
Hurtful word.
Powerful word.
Emotional word........you hurt me and I hate you.
Manipulative word.........do this and I won't hate you....join me and I won't hate you.
You can actually hate the word hate........but sometimes no other word will do.
I don't want folks to "dislike" attrocities like starvation, abuse, neglect, because only those of us that HATE the attrocities will step up to stop them.

Pony Up Fortune for tomorrow:

Something good comes your way in the early afternoon.

hug your horses and keep your enemies distant, your friends close.

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Drillrider said...

HATE is a very appropriate word. Someone who has a barn full of hay and (let me guess) is well fed themselves, but allows their horses to starve and shiver in the cold winter weather.......Yes, HATE is an appropriate word for them!