Friday, December 18, 2009

Help us identify Jake

Jake is tattooed. He is bay with no white. His teeth appear to be in the teens........

He was said to be a pony horse at Emerald Downs.

We would like to track down Jake's history.

Edited to note: I spent some time on the phone with AQHA and none of the 5 series seems to match......

however, if the number is 6776N, the horse description matches, bay, no white, colt, foaled 1994 and the horse's name is Whisperin Mackay.

We can run DNA, as this horse has DNA on file.

Anybody know this horse? Bay, approx 15.3H, no white....windsucks.

Help us to find out who Jake is.......and where he came from and if anyone still loves him....

It is hard to aptly describe the condition Jake is in....even most of our pictures do not show the extreme emaciation. I said to someone yesterday that he looks like a Thanksgiving turkey carcass. He has severe rain rot and his skin smells......he was so weak, he could not whinny, he could only grunt.
Eating tires him and he must rest frequently.
For those of you who have not figured it out........
we have Jake with us.........we are tending to him and feeding him carefully. It is touch and go. We are not sure Jake will make it. Starvation takes a toll on a body and sometimes the damage is too much...and so we are careful.....we measure his feed, we warm his feed and we keep hay in front of him 24 hours. He cannot be de-wormed until his weight is up. We work the incremental feeding up a little at a time and we pray he will not colic.
You want to feed him a lot, take the hunger away and fill him up.......but you must be careful. Food must be measured out in small amounts. Not too many carbs....or the body shuts down...we are giving him fat, protein and a small amount of carbs. As of today, he is cleaning his food up and asking for more.......and he likes to steal hay. When I feed in the morning, I leave his gate open and he goes to the stacked hay and eats from it. I let him.....of course I let him......this morning he gave me a whinny and it broke my heart.
my heart aches when I look at him..........I want to throw up when I take his blanket off and I am always afraid to find him dead in the morning. I tell myself that if he dies, at least he had a few days, a week to know a kind hand and a full stomach...we will have done the best we could do for him and obviously more than any human has done for him in months.
I wonder how people starve animals to this point? are they numb? have they lost all compassion? are they mental? I don't have a quick answer...........I have lost all mercy for them....I pray for retaliation...........or something........anything.
Next week we will submit a DNA test for Jake to find out is he is Whisperin Mackay. I am relatively sure he is.......and we will also visit Emerald Downs to find out who had him.
Pure tragedy.
A horse gets given away to a "good" home ......
Once someone's pride and joy.
Now someone's regret.
Help us find out who Jake is.


la mexicana said...

Whisperin Mackay, 1994 Bay Stallion by BUNNY MACKAY.
Race Winner; Total Race Earnings $2,327. Best Speed Index of 86.

la mexicana said...

Whisperin Mackay, 1994 Bay Stallion by BUNNY MACKAY.
Race Winner; Total Race Earnings $2,327. Best Speed Index of 86.